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8th > November > 2017 Archive

We're not saying Uncle Sam has lost control on Twitter, but US Embassy in Riyadh just did a shout out for oatmeal

Serious rethink needed on account policies

Oh Snap! Rap for crap chat app brats in nine-month $3bn scrap flap

Spiegel's crew lost $2 on every buck they made. But we're definitely not in a bubble

Telstra drops nbn™ in it as it wears compo for broadband speed ads

Carrier says 'it is not possible to accurately determine what speed the NBN can deliver to a customer prior to connection'

You know what's coming next: FBI is upset it can't get into Texas church gunman's smartphone

Here we go again

Juniper Contrail Cloud spotted heading for junior telco networks

Gin palace lead architect explains plan to make NFV reign

Google on flooding the internet with fake news: Leave us alone, we're trying really hard... *sob*

CommentWe're not happy with ourselves, you know

Dumb autonomous cars can save more lives than brilliant ones

Perfect is the enemy of good – RAND Corp think tank

Google, Volkswagen spin up quantum computing partnership

Pair to work on traffic optimisation and better batteries

Mirantis eyes continuous integration of all the things

OPENSTACK SYDNEYAnd waits for news on how OpenStack will govern its new outreach plans

Our oldest mammalian ancestor named after British pub landlord

145 million year fossil reveals our rat-like relatives

Seven years on, Spain rattles tin cup at Google over Street View slurp

Chocolate Factory tickled with featherweight €300k fine

SSL spy boxes on your network getting you down? But wait, here's an IETF draft to fix that

TLS over HTTP? Yes please, says every sysadmin, netizen

New BFFs Salesforce and Google link arms, er, CRMs with G Suite

Silicon Valley bigwigs giggle to themselves, thumb their noses at Redmond

Mythbuster seeks cash for roller skates to wear in virtual reality

Jamie Hyneman wants a future in which gaming doesn't mean stumbling into furniture

Google broke its own cloud, again, with dud DB config change

Memcache was gone in 20 seconds and down for nearly two hours

Where hackers haven't directly influenced polls, they've undermined our faith in democracy

It's worse than we feared and the worst may yet be to come

No venture capital please, we're British: Why a pair of storage startups went it alone

AnalysisObject Matrix and Storage Made Easy succeeded

HPE and WekaIO sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

NVMe-accessed filer matrix organ puckers up for HPC smacker

Machine learning? AI? How we learned to relax at MCubed

EventsReg conference shows humans how to stay in driving seat

Credential-stuffing defence tech aims to defuse password leaks

Blackfish detects stolen logins as they are used by cybercrims

Better filters won't cure this: YouTube's kids nightmare

CommentWhat has been seen?

China-owned Opera touts big comeback

Just browsing? Don't yuan

Carphone Warehouse given a stern talking to for 'misleading' radio ad

Three's a crowd, and a 'major competitor', says watchdog

Logitech: We're gonna brick your Harmony Link gizmos next year

UpdatedBuilt-in obsolescence, meet kill switch

IBM leads BigInsights for Hadoop out behind barn. Shots heard

Data analytics platform sunset in December, but enterprise version spared

Facebook's send-us-your-nudes service is coming to UK, America

Pre-emptive perv to defang revenge pr0nz peddlers

One banana of backup, 2 container crabapples, a fig of flash: It's a storage smoothie

Can we skip the orange of outage, please?

Tesla buys robot maker. Hang on, isn't that your sci-fi bogeyman, Elon?

Slight glitch in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nutanix builds doorway to multiple compute and object storage services

.NEXTOn the path to becoming an enterprise hybrid cloud provider and gateway

UK Land Registry opens books on corporate owners

Whose land is it anyway?

Commvault cosies up to Google Cloudies, vows to keep you safe from dreaded GDPR

Plus: Trying to make storage 'cool' in Antartica

Stop worrying and let the machines take our jobs – report

Techies safe, but you may have to endure a robot co-worker

Qualcomm is shipping next chip it'll perhaps get sued for: ARM server processor Centriq 2400

Microsoft, Google keen to use CPUs and push Intel Outside

Bitcoin drops SegWit2x hard fork after community objects

Cryptocurrency hits all-time high, then bounces back down

Chrome update kills unwanted ad redir... WIN A FREE iPad!!

Ad-slinger promises to crack down on ads (that it didn't sling)

US domestic, er, foreign spying bill progresses through Congress

Thought the Snowden leaks would make things better? Joke's on you

Snap: We've blown $3bn this year and Tencent wants to give us more

Shut up and take my money!

Marissa! Mayer! pulled! out! of! retirement! to! explain! Yahoo! hack! to! Senators!

Joins Equifax and Verizon execs to explain pitiful security

Astronomers find bizarre 'zombie supernova' that just won't die

Boffins baffled by slow burn supernova that glows and dims

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