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7th > November > 2017 Archive

Microsoft goes to bat for Dreamers: Windows giant sues Uncle Sam to block staff deportations

Redmond, Princeton hope to protect folks from ICE swoops

Let's get ready to grumble! UFC secretly choke slams browsers with Monero miners

Crypto-crafting JavaScript appears on hipster-boxing site

Trade ban case grinds on, but Arista-cats got the cream in Q3

Cisco still hasn't managed to drown this kitten

Cisco borked its own BGP code in IOS XE, has since patched

Wanna break the Internet? Start by not patching this problem

OpenStack Foundation starts scoping machine learning enhancements

OPENSTACK SYDNEYUsers want it and NVIDIA's already sniffing around

It's 2017 and you can still pwn Android gear with Wi-Fi packets – so get patching now

As researcher pleads with you not to brand bugs with a logo

US judge orders Sci-Hub be excised from the internet

Domains? Blocked. Search engines? Blocked. ISPs? Ditto. Good luck with that

AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor

Out with Xen, in with 'core KVM technology' for new C5 instances and future VMs too

Lord of the Rings TV show shopped around Hollywood

Rights carrot dangled before Netflix, Amazon and HBO, apparently

Boffins tear into IEEE's tissue-thin anti-hacker chip blueprint crypto

This kind of security should keep the likes of the NSA and pirates out, but doesn't

Imagine the candles on its birthday cake: Astro-eggheads detect galaxy born in universe's first billion years

Earth-based 'scope clocks one of this simulation's first wonders

Apache OpenOffice: We're OK with not being super cool... PS: Watch out for that Mac bug

InterviewWe catch up with 'death watch' project after latest version bags 1.6m downloads

This could be our favorite gadget of 2017: A portable projector

ReviewThe XGIMI CC Aurora is, frankly, outstanding. But a little buggy

More expensive, takes longer than usual, not particularly brilliant. Yes, it's your robot surgeon

Also, AI isn't really doing much for the economy

Splitting off Google Shopping wouldn't fix the pay-to-play problem

Underdogs fail to see how that's a competition 'remedy'

Who's that cuddling up in the container... *squints* Wow you're getting along well

All's fair in war and cloud

Transparent algorithms? Here's why that's a bad idea, Google tells MPs

Look, people use microwaves and cars, and they effectively operate as black boxes

BT hikes prices for third time in 18 months

Sorry the line is bad... what?

That awkward moment when AWS charges you BEELLIONS for Lightsail

Ahhh, it's a mistake. Not CEO Bezos' plan to get EVEN richer

Cisco's John Chambers: Robot farmers will feed bloated cricket thoraxes to our children

'US is the worst for startups''s tech tat biz is going enterprise, snags $117m from Salesforce

Deutsche Telekom's got a feeling about voice assistant Omega

Paradise Papers reveal Apple moved bits of biz offshore

Cupertino denies avoidance

Investors rain cash on Excelero, taking total funding to $30m

Qualcomm punts on NVMe-over-fabrics server SAN startup

Scientists think they've found primordial goop whence life first sprang

It also makes for great fertiliser

Pivot3 reports bumper growth – but is it just hyperconverged hype?

Bookings up 50% in a quarter... though all of HCI is doing nicely

Would insurance firms pay out if your driverless car got hacked?

AEV BillAnd what about uninsured robocars?

Sweet sticky Canuck cash flows into StrongBox

Multi-vendor, multi-tier data manager gets Quebec labour fund cash

Oh Brother: Hackers can crash your unpatched printers – researchers

UpdatedDoSsing for fun and profit not just a 'nuisance', they warn

Give us a bloody PIN: MPs grill BBC bosses over subscriber access

SketchNow that's a hard one

Mirai, Mirai, pwn them all, who's the greatest botnet on the whole?

Variants on zombie horde that took down Dyn still at large

Commuters' phone data could be tracked to save megabucks on census

UK stats body tasked with finding cheaper data sources

UK's surveillance regime challenged in landmark European court hearing

Judges grill government on nuances of spying laws

Comtrade's latest HYCU release tightens bear hug around Nutanix

+CommentAll your data protection are belong to us

American upstart seeks hotshot guinea pig for Concorde-a-like airliner

Ex-military supersonic daredevil? Come hither...

Google's answer to the Pixel 2 XL CRT-style screen burn in: Lower the brightness

Apply these patches – and please don't demand a recall

Parity calamity! Wallet code bug destroys $280m in Ethereum

Punter 'accidentally' borks dozens of strangers' cryptocurrency collections

Don't worry about those 40 Linux USB security holes. That's not a typo

Move along. Nothing to see here. By the way, try this flash drive in your laptop, ta

Look, ma! No hands! Waymo to test true self-driving cars in US with Uber-style hailing app

Super Cali goes – oh no, wait, this is Arizona

Amazon's answer to all those leaky AWS S3 buckets: A dashboard warning light

UpdatedLook out for that orange alert

KRACK whacked, media playback holes packed, other bugs go splat in Android patch pact

Update your firmware ASAP to avoid being hacked

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