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Hells door-bells! Ring pieces paralyzed in horror during Halloween trick-or-treat rush

Plus: Slap for Slack stack chaps in crap chat app mishap flap

Disney-branded internet filter had Mickey Mouse security

23 vulnerabilities let rats run riot, even as kids' eyes were kept innocent

Hipsterverse horror as Slack takes Halloween hiatus

Two-hour outage sees users forced to speak to each other

Comodo CA acquired by Francisco Partners ...

... which also owns SonicWall and various spy upstarts

Toyota picks Renesas SoC to power its first self-driving cars

Intel outside as ARM-powered silicon becomes brains of auto-auto due on sale in 2020

NASA reveals Curiosity 2020's 23-camera payload

Probe to carry cams named SHERLOC and WATSON, plus chute-cam and selfie-snappers

Google reveals rapid Bluetooth gadget connection tech

'Fast Pair' works on Androids and some audio devices, Google wants it in your car too

Microsoft reveals network simulator that keeps Azure alive

'CrystalNet' reveals router bugs beat sysadmin fat-fingers six-to-one for outages

Google remembers it has an air-fares API, takes the usual action

QPX gets a trip to Mountain View's shooting shed

Sir, you're doing 60 in a 30mph container zone. What are you, some kind of devops cop?

ProfileWell... we prefer containerised app info highway code

How to secure a software-driven technology stack in a cloud of moving parts

Automate all the things

One-third of mobile users receive patchy to no indoor coverage


Two drones, two crashes in two months: MoD still won't say why

We now know when they crashed – but not even a hint about the cause

Micron gets edgy with 256GB surveillance SD card reveal in China

But still outclassed in capacity by SanDisk's tiny whopper

Simon's Cat app rapped for random 'racy' advert

Single complaint prompts unenforceable ruling. Good job!

Punctual as ever, Equifax starts snail-mailing affected Brits about mega-breach

Here's a true Halloween horror story: We blabbed your details

Competition law could help solve data-slurping monopolies, peers told

Also: Viscount Ridley says it's better bots spy on him because they won't tell the Mail

Facebook vows to double staff with new cadre of Net Police

Horse bolted. Buys better door

'The Queen' is showing Geneva how to be polite on public transport

One must wait one's turn

Judge: You're getting an Apple data centre and you're going to like it

Irish High Court rejects another appeal against €850m bit barn

My #95Theses of #Digital

¡Bong!I promise not Reformation, but #Transformation

Hackers abusing digital certs smuggle malware past security scanners

No longer just a spy game

Openreach: Comms providers 'welcome' our full-fibre 'ambition'

Duh. It's better than sweating the heck out of copper and aluminium for another decade

IBM's containerised Cloud Private's out in the open

Big Blue hybrid cloud organ stands up to be counted

Open source, says me: Alibaba chucks MariaDB a $27m funding round

Chinese biz links up database tech with cloud platform

Guess who's now automating small-biz IT jobs? Yes, it's Microsoft

Dear job hunters, you're out of luck. Redmond's 365 Business is designed for PHBs

America's 2020 Census systems are a $15bn cyber-security tire fire

AnalysisCode not finished or properly tested, lack of staff, and more, Senate warned

Virtually everyone in Malaysia pwned in telco, govt data hack spree

46.2 million stolen accounts, thousands of medical records put up for sale by crooks

So, tell us again how tech giants are more important than US govt...

AnalysisFacebook, Google, Twitter get very rude awakening during Senate grilling

Slashing regulations literally more important than saving American lives to Donald Trump

Vehicle-to-vehicle car-talking safety technology hits skids

Funnily enough, when Qualcomm's licensees stop sending in their royalty checks, profits start going south

As Apple 'threatens' to ditch Qualy modems altogether

FBI: Student wrestler grappled grades after choking passwords from PCs using a key logger

22-year-old bloke charged after Fed probe

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