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27th > October > 2017 Archive

Citrix promises to transform by doing more of the same

More cloud, more integration and more security is new CEO Henshall's plan

Vodafone's NBN plans may include voice-over-WiFi, virtual landlines

Carrier already this overseas, seeks Oz punters' opinions on 'NBN extras' plan, name

What just trousered a $4.5bn profit, has glum desktop chip sales, and rhymes with go to hell?

Hey, there's always money in the cellular modems, huh?

Cisco removes probe from place the SAN don't shine in new FC switch

Flash arrays have singed SANs, so Cisco's turned on the data tap to help you burn bottlenecks

Interstellar space rock screams through Solar System

Astro-boffins have waited decades to see something with such an odd orbit

Li-ion batteries blow up because they breed nanowire crystals

VideoBoffins think 'dendrites' are the inevitable result of re-charges, which is awkward

Microsoft says something more hyper than Storage Spaces is coming 'very soon'

This is why Windows Server 1709 left it out. While you wait, have proper SCOM crypto

Boss put chocolate cake on aircon controller, to stop people using it

On-CallOffice's only climate controller was in the server room, so everyone wanted in

Gigamon is giga-gone! Networking vendor bought by private equity

Elliot Management finds US$1.6bn for network intelligence outfit

NHS could have 'fended off' WannaCry by taking 'simple steps' – report

Service was warned of the risks a year before ransomware hit

DXC: Hands up in customer support – who wants redundo?

Compulsory layoffs coming if VR targets not met

Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Nissan brings new meaning to 'open door policy'

DJI Aeroscope won't stop drone-diddlers flying round airports

UpdatedGear has less than half range needed to defend Heathrow

Man: Just 18 Bitcoin babies and my home is yours

'People are doing it for high-end properties – why not Grimsby?'

BOFH: Do I smell burning toes, I mean burning toast?

Episode 14This is not a drill

Oracle investors told not to let Catz and co get the cream – reports

And push for a gender pay gap report while you’re at it

Reaper IoT botnet ain't so scary, contains fewer than 20,000 drones

But numbers aren't everything, are they, Dyn?

Which reseller pleased fatcats today and rhymes with let's mute a centaur?

Europe's buying tech kit 'n' services

Robot granted Saudi citizenship has more rights than Saudi women

Creepy Sophia strikes again joins Microsoft in fingering North Korea for WannaCry

I can’t go into the details of our intelligence, but...

Biz quadruples value overnight by adding 'Blockchain' to name

A tactic ailing companies might want to use?

Evaluate this: A VM benchmark that uses 'wrong' price and config data

AnalysisWhat the fudge, Evaluator Group and IOmark?

Chipzilla drops dinkier Optane SSD, but don't expect it in data centres

The 900P might run Star Citizen smoother – emphasis on 'might'

Backup bods Datto to merge with Autotask in suits' shopping spree

Becomes one massive managed service provider

WDC results great and all but Milly's bummed out about Toshiba

UpdatedThreat to NAND supply if talks fail and court favours Tosh

Chinese whispers: China shows off magnetic propulsion engine for ultra-silent subs, ships

Inshert Hunt for Red October jokesh here

Healthcare insurance cheat-bot bros Zenefits cough up $1m to make SEC probe go away

Former CEO, biz allegedly misled investors

Is the FCC purposefully screwing up US school broadband projects?

Special reportAnswer: Yes, but it's hard to prove

You're designing an internet fridge. Should you go for fat HTML or a Qt-pie for your UI?

Funnily enough, Qt says the latter

Hey, you know why it's called the iPhone X? When you see Apple's repair bill, your response will be X-rated

$279 for the screen? F*%&!*

A picture tells a 1,000 words. Here's about 750 on Facebook using pics to school AI translators

Not a great way, but an interesting way, to teach bots

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