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26th > October > 2017 Archive

Google Play Protect is 'dead last' at fingering malware on Android

Don't expect ads giant to stop all software nasties for you – it certainly can't

Apple vs. Samsung to climb back into rounded rectangle of justice

Retrial over amount of patent-pinch damages okayed by Californian judge

Oracle ZFS man calls for Big Red to let filesystem upstream into Linux

Also reveals Big Red's 'ugly' five-year project to replace 12PB of NetApp with ZFS

Cisco, Google, sitting in a tree, C-L-O-U-D-I-N-G

HyperFlex learns to talk Kubernetes for consistent hybrid cloud merriment

Julian Assange says Cambridge Analytica asked WikiLeaks for something

Claims Trump's voter-targeting firm got in touch before election

Dell forgot to renew PC data recovery domain, so a squatter bought it

Days later it served malware, but the only visible damage was to Dell's reputation

Google slides DNS privacy into 'Droid developer stream

Encrypting domain queries with TLS

Go on IBMers, tell us what you really think

2017 employee survey asks workers to describe IBM in three words

WhatsApp? You still don't get EU privacy laws, that's WhatsApp

Data regulator taskforce formed to look into firm's data slurp

ServiceNow to go mobile after strong Q3

Products beyond ITSM speed up, SkyGiraffe acquisition should make users 'appy

So long – and thanks for all the phish

ResearchHow to avoid that hook at the end of a fraudster’s line

HMRC boss defends shift to AWS, says they got 50% knocked off

Is Amazon the only one who can handle its cloudy needs? No, there is one other...

Hop on, Average Rabbit: Latest extortionware menace flopped

The buck stops... somewhere in Ukraine, Turkey, Japan?

BT agrees to cream off less profit from landline-only customers

Will knock 37% off monthly rental from April Fools' Day. No really

IBM wheels out upgraded FlashSystem: Now breathe in and squeeeeze

More flash capacity, hardware compression triples capacity

Missing out on a bunch of big-ass deals dented Commvault revenues

AnalysisBut Cisco still wants to be friends, and the delayed sales are trickling in

Even more warship cuts floated for the Royal Navy

Who needs to protect carriers or send Royal Marines shore anyway?

Mauritian code-cutters to help deliver TLS 1.3 members prepping for IETF 100 hackathon

SAP to ban commission on public sector deals in countries at risk of corruption

Legal action taken against 3 after South African scandal

The UK's super duper 1,000mph car is being tested in Cornwall

200mph runs up and down Newquay Airport runway

Smart? Don't ThinQ so! Hacked robo-vacuum could spy on your home

Security researchers dismantle LG's IoT appliance range

Roaming charges drop smacks O2 daddy Telefonica in the profits

Chief reckons biz did well despite 'negative impact' of EU regs

Maritime comms flaws exposed: It's OK cuz we canned it, says vendor

AmosConnect v8 vulnerable to 'blind SQL injection'

Teradata lights candles, turns on TAP, runs itself soothing analytics bath

Spark, TensorFlow, Gluon, Theano – room for everyone

EU law bods closer to baking new 'cookie law' after battle

Narrow vote goes against the 'it'll stifle innovation' crowd

Google's eating out of their hand – now CloudEndure 4 want to conquer Europe

AnalysisIsraeli lads tackle disaster recovery and live migration in the cloud Use police body cams to grill suspects at scene of crime

Home Office proposals seek ways to justify £20m+ spend

The EU is sooo 2016. We're all about the US now, say Brit scaleups

America more popular market for young UK firms – survey

Fore! PCI Express 4.0 finally lands on Earth

Laggardly spec will help gear get faster and may vanish soon after

AI bot rips off human eyes, easily cracks web CAPTCHA codes. Ouch

I'm not a robot, muhaha, hahah

If you say it loud enough, Uber will sound atrocious: Super Cali juristic discrimination process

Biz sued for allegedly screwing over women, people of color

Scroll, scroll, scroll your note gently down the screen. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, FB's code's a dream

Open-source Sections added to Facebook's Litho UI

Whois? No, Whowas: Incoming Euro privacy rules torpedo domain registration system

AnalysisInternet policy wonks scramble over GDPR

US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped

AnalysisNothing to see here, comrade. Move along, move along

Brave Twitter axes Russian media ads 11 months after the fact

And Jack's off on the user numbers

AFA: The Flash revolution that's been a long time coming

SPONSOREDHuawei goes NVME for intensive IO future

What employs half a million people, just did $44bn in sales, and rhymes with Azerbaijan?

AWS revenue up 42 per cent, compared to 34 per cent overall

What just counted $24bn in receipts, and rhymes with psycho loft?

Azure up, Office going great, LinkedIn... not terrible

What just banked $7bn in pay dirt, is stroking its big growth, and rhymes with cold sweat?

Google star of the show, again

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