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25th > October > 2017 Archive

AMD sales soar, actually makes a profit, beats expectations, share price... decimated

Intel's antitrust shield even loses when it wins

VMware begins new vSphere beta, but not for a big bang upgrade

Virtzilla's turning the continuous integration crank for vSphere on AWS

New Optane disks appear on web shops' lists

280GB and 480GB beasts on PCIE 4.0, apparently

Sales bottlenecks gag Juniper's growth in Q3

Services prevents bloodbath, product sales suffering

Holy DUHK! Boffins name bug that could crack crypto wide open

Hard-coded keys and pseudorandom numbers flay Fortinet first, other vendors probably also in play

Your shoe, chewing gum, or ciggies are now your extra password

Boffins explore personal items as 2FA tokens using computer vision code

Telegram settles lawsuit against ex-staffer who claimed FSB links

Is Putin's Russia a sensible place to develop secure messaging?

Canucks have beef with Soylent as to whether or not it's a real meal deal

Canadians will have to smuggle in their milky goop after ban

IETF mulls adding geoblock info to 'Bradbury's code'

Proposal to extend Error 451

AI is worth learning and not too tricky – if you can get your head around key frameworks

Starting with: TensorFlow

Fines for crossing roads while TXTing enacted in Honolulu

Hawaii really is paradise now

Slimy Scoble signs off from job, seeks seclusion and treatment

Business partner says he saw him drunk, stoned, but never groping

How is the big switch to the public cloud working out?

AnalysisThing is, Oracle 'n' pals are not only ones pushing an agenda...

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps

Unpicking Redmond's strategy for devs following the launch of an updated Visual Studio

Sky mobe ad featuring beefcake Tom Hardy banned for being 'misleading'

'Once it was the hot, new model. Not any more'

MoD: We've got a handle on contract costs. Audit Office: About that...

Complex system leaves big suppliers pushing back hard, Brit watchdog finds not quite done with e-cigs, announces launch of new inquiry

Thinking of the children so you don't have to

International data watchdogs: Websites don't tell you who sees your privates

Plus they're super-vague about where they store them

Linux data-sharing licences: So, will big data hogs take the plunge?

Experts weigh in

Panic of Panama Papers-style revelations follows Bermuda law firm hack

Cue incredibly wealthy people calling their PRs

UK's NHS to pilot 'Airbnb'-style care service in homeowners' spare rooms

Folk with no prior care experience to be handed £1k

Humble civil servant: Name public electric car chargers after me

AEV BillImagine a future where we all plug into John Hayes MP

Happy New Year! Love, Microsoft: Price rises? Aw, you shouldn't have

ExclusiveServices Provider Licensing Agreements to jump 10% in 2018

Bright Sparks: Databricks emits system to sort out ‘data mess’

Data-nom from stream, lake and warehouse, they chirp

The net's a sprawling data mire – sprays away the gunk

Elastic Search and Lucene underlie freemium web text search and analysis tool

Google India must pay back-taxes on $225m after cheekily funneling cash through Ireland

When Irish eyes are stockpiling

VR-bonkers Microsoft yanks plug out of Kinect

Motion-tracking bar production halted, gives way to headsets

Knock, knock? Oh, no one there? No problem, Amazon will let itself in via your IoT smart lock

1-Click king's one-click entry

NSA bloke used backdoored MS Office key-gen, exposed secret exploits – Kaspersky

AnalysisOoh, IT just got real

FYI: iOS apps can turn on your camera any time without warning

Researcher pushes Apple to add temporary permissions, indicator lights

Fappening celeb nudes hacking outrage: Third scumbag cops to charge

Phisher faces up to five years in the clink for raiding 550 accounts for private snaps

Rob Scoble's lawyer told him to STFU about sex pest claims. He didn't

CommentAnd you'll never guess what happened next – or perhaps, depressingly, you can

ATO, Dept of Immigration wrist-slapped for failing security audit, again

Both promise to implement mandatory controls real soon now

Drones thrown a bone: Americans can ask nicely to go where FAA says they can't roam

Wanna fly over a music concert? Now maybe you can

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