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24th > October > 2017 Archive

What's HPE Next? Now it's unemployment for 'thousands' of staff

Meg starts the bloodletting in earnest

WHOIS embarrassed about security? APNIC, after database leaks

Asia's internet numbers registry let some weakly-hashed passwords into the wild

Security pros' advice to consumers: 'We dunno, try 152 things'

Google survey finds pros don't like safety strategies preferred by spooks

Uber's revolting sexism, the movie

Susan Fowler's story pitched as 'Erin Brockovich meets The Social Network'

Google: We don't have a quantum computer yet, but we have a compiler

It's quantum, it's open source, it's on GitHub. Did we miss anything?

Curiosity rover gives Mars the middle finger, prepares to get drilling

PicsRobot arm to penetrate surface, get alien world's rocks off for analysis

AWS will be the last big cloud to add Skylake as Azure turns 'em on

Announced support November 2016, but fabled C5 instances are still vapourware

Discover potholes in the information super-highway with this handy new tool (which itself just hit a roadblock)

Everything is broken

How to make your HTML apps suck less, actually make some money

Chrome Dev SummitGoogle is here to help, really

It's time to rebuild the world for robots

We smoothed the world for cars, but assume robots will have eyes and ears

AI might outsmart ITIL, make MTBF moot, says ServiceNow strategist

What if you log an incident that AI helped you to avoid? PLUS: Kingston release details

'Drive-level server' startup pockets $5m to grow object storing biz

OpenIO flexes Arm muscle, inhales funds

HMRC's switch to AWS killed a small UK cloud business

ExclusiveQuestions raised over supplier lock-in, tax avoidance, SME agenda

Holds up Reduxio roadmap: What the cloud? Oh! It's a level 2 hybrid world

AnalysisIf you live fully in the cloud, keep walking

Viasat: We're going to sue Ofcom over EU-wide airline Wi-Fi network

CommentFirm denies sour grapes charge after rival gets licence tweaks

Oracle users meet behind closed doors: Psst – any licensing tips?

Anonymity crucial for discussion of software asset management in a cloudy world

Seagate's at it HAMR and tongs for growth as revenues shrivel again

Flash? Anybody? No?

Tories spared fine after being told off by ICO for election telemarketing

Party told to 'get it right next time' after calls crossed line into unlawful direct marketing

Gotta have standards? Security boffins not API about bloated browsers

+CommentW3C, are you listening?

Credit insurance tightens for geek shack Maplin Electronics

ExclusiveQBE walks away, others reduce lines amid worries for high street

IoT pushes Arm over the Edge: Mbed Cloud offers to grab gadget gateways

TechConPlus: Magic stuff to spot people sniffing secrets from chips

Legacy kit, no antivirus, weak crypto. Yep. They're talking critical industrial networks

Report shows they're ripe targets for hackers

US DoJ eases gagging rules, Microsoft drops data slurp alert lawsuit

Redmond wants to warn netizens when Feds demand their personal information

Hackers nip into celeb plastic surgery clinic, tuck away 'terabytes'

'The Dark Overlord' threatening to distribute patient images

Brit cities overrun with middle-aged dronies, reckons survey

Remote-control flying toys are most beloved of men aged 45+

Neo4j moves up stack: Ahem. We're a graph company, not a graph database company

CEO: Are we scared of Oracle moving in on our space? Nope

UK financial regulator confirms it is probing Equifax mega-breach

Watchdog could ban firm from operating in the country

Feel the pension pot burn, Canadian DXCers

ExclusiveMatching staff contributions? Not from next year

Watership downtime: BadRabbit encrypts Russian media, Ukraine transport hub PCs

UpdatedRansomware breeds through Windows networks via SMB, fake Flash

nbn™ to use in late 2018, firstly in commercial premises

Off-roadmap announcement precedes debut of business kit and is weird about FTTN

Hey, big vendor: Oracle, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook blow even more cash on lobbying

Spend a little bribe, er, time with me...

Coinhive hacked via old password to move manic miners' Monero into miscreants' pockets

Credential leaked from Kickstarter hack used to hijack Cloudflare DNS

Fake-news-monetizing machine Facebook lectures hacks on how not to write fake news that made it millions

Team Zuck lays down journalism commandments

There's a battle on over two US spying laws: One allows snooping on citizens – one bans it

AnalysisCongress mulls S702 reauth law and USA Rights Act

Australia Bureau of Statistics may wind back internet usage data collection

Budget cuts lead bureau to wield the axe

Family's legal battle over YouTube's role in Paris terror murders is paused

Judge gives victim's relatives two weeks to come up with new claims or give up

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