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23rd > October > 2017 Archive

New phishing campaign uses 30-year-old Microsoft mess as bait

Necurs botnet spreads ransomware carried in Office documents

Once more, with feeling: Dawn to take a closer look at Ceres

Meanwhile on Mars, we've found a twisted tail

Countdown starts for new Xen hypervisor release

RC1 for Xen 4.10 is upon us, so get testing, hyper-hipsters

Google slides text message 2FA a little closer to the door

A Prompt response to insecurity

MC Digital Realty – not a DJ, not a burger, not at risk of soil liquefaction

It's a joint venture between Mitsubishi and Digital Realty to do bit barns in Japan

Boffins trapped antiprotons for days, still can't say why they survived the Big Bang

Matter/antimatter distribution looks equal, which should have nixed the universe at birth

Jeff Bezos fires off a blue dart, singes Elon Musk and SpaceX

Blue Origin's new and rather large rocket engine fires on first full test

Big Blue's former CIO tried to join AWS, ends up at energy company

The Man Who Knew Too Much, Jeff Smith, has a new job

Sarahah anonymous feedback app told: 'You're riddled with web app flaws'

I'm... going to sit down and think about that. *Sniff*

You may not know it, but you've already arrived at DevOps Land

Installed Puppet? Visited a waterfall?... Gobble gobble, ONE OF US... ONE OF US!

Wowee. Look at this server. Definitely keep critical data in there. Yup

Tech laces networks with decoys to contain breaches

All your masts are belong to us outfit Arqiva confirms IPO plan

Hopes to raise £1.5bn and clear debt

A week in WANdisco, Toshiba 'n' pals, plus storage-iest bits of Microsoft and mates

Dash of containers, drop of tape, soupcon of advanced RAM... perfect

Linux Foundation wants to do to data what it's done for software

OS SummitPenguins and machine learning. It could happen!

Phone crypto shut FBI out of 7,000 devices, complains chief g-man

But he gets it, there's a balance to be struck, yada yada

Vodafone analysed evidence in case where it was alleged victim

GSM gateway prosecution man: They gave the evidence that they found to the police

'Screaming' man fined $149 for singing 'Everybody Dance Now'

'I don’t know if my voice was very bad and that’s why I got the ticket,' he said

Arm isn't saying IoT firmware sucks but it's writing a free secure BIOS for device makers

TechConTake the hint, manufacturers of weak kit

Let's make the coppers wear cameras! That'll make the ba... Oh. No sodding difference

Large-scale randomised US trial: 'Recalibrate’ expectations

'We've nothing to hide': Kaspersky Lab offers to open up source code

Response to US fretting over alleged ties to Russian snoops

The big two-oh-oh: Cisco gobbles comms biz Broadsoft for $1.9bn

Is Switchzilla trying to buy its way out of legacy?

Containers? Ha! Ain't no party like a Tupperware party, boasts Facebook

OS SummitNo Docker or Kubernetes under The Social Network's hood

ROCA 'round the lock: Gemalto says IDPrime .NET access cards bitten by TPM RSA key gremlin

Here's what to do if you have an affected badge

Google emits tools to make cross-platform HTML apps less tragic

Chrome Dev SummitLots and lots of data dumped online plus keys to escape browsers

Sex harassment scandal scoops up Silicon Valley's Slimy Scoble

Analysis'Tech evangelist' apologizes but sympathy in short supply

This is no yolk. Newegg scrambles against rotten shell company claims

UpdatedTech slinger hopes this $3bn fraud lawsuit will be over easy

nbn™'s problems were known – in 2008, a year before its birth

PM says the network's a waste of money? It's also yet another wasted chance at real reform

Sick burn, yo: Google's latest Pixel 2 XL suffers old-skool screen singe

Seven days of testing and it's not looking good

Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta

Plus: Azure gets all Cray-cray

Another day, another cryptocurrency miner lurking in a Google Chrome extension

Plus: A new stealthier Monero crafter emerges

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