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19th > October > 2017 Archive

You're doing open source wrong, Microsoft tsk-tsk-tsks at Google: Chrome security fixes made public too early

Redmond wags its finger

Like Uber, for socialism: Chinese leader calls for more use of AI, big data and sharing economy

Leader Xi Jinping also wants to crimp 'erroneous viewpoints' with more net censorship

Samsung to let proper Linux distros run on Galaxy smartmobes

Even penguintastic desktops when lodged in DeX dock

Be my guest, be my guest, at a hypervisor hacking fest

Xen pins seven bugs to the card, all with guests doing nasty things to hosts

CableLabs, Cisco working on LTE-over-DOCSIS

+COMMENTPlan avoids the need for new fibre to connect a squillion small cells

Australian government launches review of .au domain

Minister doesn't mention scandals at current operator, says it's time to modernise

US-CERT study predicts machine learning, transport systems to become security risks

You've been warned

SpaceX gives free ride to replacement for Facebook's fried satellite

Israel's Spacecom still loves Elon enough to also pay for future launch

EU: No encryption backdoors but, eh, let's help each other crack that crypto, oui? Ja?

You scratch my PKCS, and I'll scratch yours

Citrix endorses tool that lets vSphere manage XenServer

In Citrix's world, you'd do this to leave vSphere. In the real world? This is silo-saving

Stealth web crypto-cash miner Coinhive back to the drawing board as blockers move in

We've got something much more ethical anyway, say devs

Microsoft exec says ARM-powered Windows laptops have multi-day battery life

For now, consider the new Surface Book 2 with mere 17-hour life and Intels inside

ARM chip OG Steve Furber: Turing missed the mark on human intelligence

Ten mice and a million cores are going to prove it

Flash in the enterprise is in a solid state. Where is it going next?

SponsoredFlash forward

IT resellers, this is your future: Shifting driverless cars within 5 years

Canalys Channels ForumYeah or maybe not

You can't find tech staff – wah, wah, wah. Start with your ridiculous job spec

And stop hiring floorspace in San Fran, London for Pete's sake

Let's dig into how open source could KO the Silicon Valley chat silos

InterviewOpen Xchange boss maps out IMAP scheme

MongoDB shoots for $220m in IPO, values NoSQL biz at $1.2bn

Trading due to begin on NASDAQ today

Yes, British F-35 engines must be sent to Turkey for overhaul

Also, the US negotiates fighter jet purchase contracts on our behalf

Didn't install a safety-critical driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!

AEV BillNew law defines who pays if your auto auto prangs itself

Misco UK chops majority of workforce, pulls down shutters

Administrator blames credit insurance cuts, online rivals for collapse

It's hip to be in Gartner's square: Poor Panasas out on its NAS

Qumulo, HGST, StorageCraft move in, crack open craft beers

You can yacht be serious: Larry might be planning his own version of America’s Cup

Positioning it as 'World Series' of yachting

YouTube sin-bins account of KRACK WPA2 researcher

Only to be mysteriously restored hours later

Survey: Tech workers are terrified they will be sacked for being too old

Industry age bias a source of constant worry

Power: The ultimate web-based commodity

EventsReg Lecture reveals what it is, where to find it

Taste the Redmond: Dell strengthens its Azure Stackery

On-premises Microsoft cloud gets 14G servers for more oomph

Breakfast at Jeffrey's: UK CEO admits Voda 'slightly lost its mojo'

Also slags off BT, backs Ofcom, keeps mum on Liberty tie-up

Review: Magic Leap and Fantasy Funding Fiasco

CommentAnother extraordinary performance from the 'tech company'

Oh, Lenovo! 1,000 staff strapped to redundancy cannon

US and China in the firing line

GE goes with Apple: Not the Transformation you were looking for, Satya?

CommentMacs, iOS cheaper in long run – that means trouble

SAP reassures market: Cloud is sustainable, just don't look at our wheezing bookings

Q3 profits and revenues up but execs grilled over cloudy future

Mohawks fling patent infringement sueball at Microsoft and Amazon

Tribe has sovereign immunity to legal challenges

Tezos crypto and $232m initial coin offering risks implosion – reports

Expert's protip: 'Hope is not an investment strategy'

Lucky Canada. Google chooses Toronto as site of posthuman urban lab

Town has an API, but no cars

Google faces $10k-a-day fines if it defies court order to hand over folks' private overseas email

Judge rules in fight over seizure of foreign Gmail files

Facebook, Google and pals may be hit with TV political ads rules

Election security is national security, says senator as US law shakeup proposed

Hate to break it to you, but billions of people can see Uranus tonight

Some may even glimpse the ring

Apple Cook roasted for Chinese app takeaway

Cruz missile targets iPhone head honcho for pulling software from shelves at Middle KIngdom's behest

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