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18th > October > 2017 Archive

Domino's Pizza delivers user details to spammers

I’ll have a garlic bread, a Supreme and a side of privacy breach by slack partners

Programming bootcamp compiles $375,000 check after triggering New York AG's error handlers

AnalysisFlatiron School accused of operating without license, cocking up grad claims

Linux kernel community tries to castrate GPL copyright troll

Greg Kroah-Hartman issues 'enforcement statement' after chap wins 'a few million Euros' with questionable claims

IBM: We're now a, what's not losing money? Ah, a cognitive cloud champ!

Nice try, Big Blue, but it's now 22 straight quarters of revenue decline

IRS tax bods tell Americans to chill out about Equifax

Your personal data was probably already in crims' hands

Oracle Hospitality apps rolled out the Big Red carpet to crims

Brrrt! Brrrt! Brrrt! Big Red's bug gun targets 252 bugs, and you for not patching fast enough

Raspberry Pi burning up? Microsoft's recipe can save it and AI

SoC gets hot enough to fry a very, very, small egg. And heat sinks aren't much help

DNA as storage? Old and boring. Boffins now chaining monomers

Take a mass spectroscope and synthesise some 'very tiny disks are coming' hype

The age of six-monthly Windows Server updates starts … now!

Windows Server version 1709 is now yours for the downloading

Europol cops lean on phone networks, ISPs to dump CGNAT walls that 'hide' cyber-crooks

Plod say crims now too hard to find and catch online

Ex-TalkTalk chief grilled by MPs on suitability to chair NHS Improvement

From heading one cyber-attack victim to another

Watchdog slams HMRC, Amazon over 'dismal' response to UK biz hurt by online VAT fraud

Estimate of full impact 'out of date and flawed' says committee

Combinations? Permutations? Those words don't mean what you think they mean

Hello, wrong numberOnly joking. You are all very clever

So the 'Year of Linux' never happened. When is it Chrome OS's turn?

Seeing that the Pixelbook costs $999, don't hold your breath

Brit spooks 'kept oversight bodies in the dark' over data sharing

Your social media's been scraped as the Investigatory Powers Act flaps in the wind

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?

Hands OnCortana is broken, intrusive, but still a must-have upgrade

Full-fibre ISP Hyperoptic clocked over mock doc schlock shock

Advert looked too much like a BT contract, says watchdog

Look, look, we've done a driverless AI hype paper thingy, says Mobileye

Mathematical model solves the crash blame question, apparently

Bain Japan main man wants in on Tosh biz board

MD reportedly wants look-in on fab agreements

First annual review of Privacy Shield gives it a resounding... 'adequate'

Just missing an ombudsman, checks on companies, info on how to use it... Mere quibbles

BoundHook: Microsoft downplays Windows systems exploit technique

It's just not a security vulnerability, says Redmond

Openreach offers duct-off providers 'OSA Filter' instead of Dark Fibre Access

Part of the opening of the network

Please replace the sword, says owner of now-hollow stone

Legendary lake lark comes true, sort of

BlackBerry Motion lurches into UK stores

Endurance test for the mobe brand that refuses to die

Hitachi's IoT gang punts never-off data protection platform

A masterclass in mind-boggling 'always-on availability' spiel

Hackers can track, spoof locations and listen in on kids' smartwatches

Norwegian project exposes worrying lack of security

What the fdisk? Storage Spaces Direct just vanished from Windows Server in version 1709

Now you see it, now you don't

NYC cops say they can't reveal figures on cash seized from people – the database is too shoddy

Updated'That's insane' says judge (and everyone else)

Microsoft concedes to Mozilla: Redmond will point web API docs at Moz Dev Network

Firefox, IE, Chrome makers: One manual to rule them all

How DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero learned all by itself to trash world champ AI AlphaGo

AnalysisSelf-play code excites machine-learning world

Verizon coughs up $18m after crooked contractor overcharged NY schools

How'd you like them Big Apples? US telco caught up in kickback scam

Microsoft Azure ████ secret ██ █████ ██ US govt's ███ ███ centers

Redmond now able to host projects like ████████ and █████████████ in █████ and ███████████

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