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17th > October > 2017 Archive

Nutanix launches VMware-to-Acropolis migration tool

Migrating VMs isn't a dark art and vSphere users are sticky, but Nutanix is having a crack

Russia tweaks Telegram with tiny fine for decryption denial

FSB wanted keys, messaging outfit said Nyet

Australian senator Pauline Hanson wants devilish scam calls to flash '666'

And that's not the evil bit, because there's an IETF standard that could help

Google adds planets and moons to Maps, but puts bits in the wrong places

Chocolate Factory can pick pets from people, can't hold a photo right way round

Crypto-coin miners caught toiling away in hacked cloud boxes

Manic miners don't even pwn you: They just use default creds admins are too lazy to change

Release the KRACKen patches: The good, the bad, and the ugly on this WPA2 Wi-Fi drama

Don't panic... whoa, not so fast, Android, Linux users

Toshiba smacks down down 'ransomware killed flash factory' report

DRAM analyst also says the supply chain is just fine, thank you very much

The Google Home Mini: Great, right up until you want to smash it in fury

ReviewOne step forward, two steps back

Aviation industry hits turbulence as Airbus buys into Bombardier’s new jetplanes

Partners now have trade wars to fly around

Kubernetes has won. Docker Enterprise Edition will support rival container-wrangling tech

Blue bit-box hawker submits to rival code flocker shocker

Resellers on Surface: Yeah, go ahead and kill it. What do we care...

Canalys Channels Forum'We're here to make money and ain't no one getting rich off it'... even Microsoft

Argh, my loafer just fell down the rope ladder! Yes, I'm in the Microsoft treehouse

But yep, there are power points

Man prosecuted for posting a picture of his hobby on Facebook

Airsoft player cleared but case raises many questions

Phab-u-lous, Mate: Huawei's business phabs go upmarket

Pricier but slimmer Mates

AWS to Windows devs: Come out of the dark, into the Lightsail

Amazon takes a swipe at hosting provider market

Capgemini: We love our 'flexible, flowing' spade

LogowatchTotally, like, an expression of 'humanity and commitment' and stuff

Now German companies are beating the drum over poor patent quality

New European Patent Office chairman gets it in the ohr

NHS: Remember those patient records we didn't deliver? Well, we found another 162,000

Dealing with backlog could cost 'in the zone of a million'

Commvault scale-out appliance gunning for Rubrik and Cohesity

Rubrik has new competition in the space

Future of Misco UK hangs in the balance – sources

CEO dispatched to secure extra finance. If that fails, administration awaits

Kaminario wheels out model that makes K2 flash look well flash

Surprise! Using our assumptions, our all-flash array costs less than theirs

Have you heard the one about IoT network tech that uses SIM cards?

Thingstream reckons USSD is talking thingies' future

Qualcomm takes 5G to spooky millimetre land

Where it doesn't rain – indoors

Symantec's guzzled the Azure Kool-Aid, tells all its customers: Drink up!

AnalysisThrow your storage vanities on the bonfire

Way-NO, Waymo! Judge snubs demand for Uber's robo-taxi code

Updated'Overboard' proposal shot down by Corley

Fancy fone folks filched fast file flinging, filing fumes: Now Essential accused of slurping wireless chip secrets

It's Andy Rubin v Tony Fadell

No, the FCC can't shut down TV stations just because Donald Trump is mad at the news

America hasn't gone full-blown crazy, yet

Watch out for Microsoft Word DDE nasties: Now Freddie Mac menaced

UpdatedForget KRACK, good ol' Office malware has biz workers in its sights again

Australia's IoT security rating might work, if done right

INTERVIEWCyber kangaroo isn't loose in minister Teehan's top paddock

uBlock Origin ad-blocker knocked for blocking hack attack squawking

Block all the things! No, wait, not the XSS security alerts

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