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13th > October > 2017 Archive

Boring Barracuda says sales are going swimmingly – again

Steady as she goes predictable revenue rise for low-profit biz

Juniper warns of bitter 3rd quarter due to cloud sales crash

The cloud market's going nuts and Juniper rode it in Q1 and Q2. So what's wrong now?

Citrix switches on nuage français, deutsche wolke, nube española

New EuroCloud almost matches US cloud, if you can be bothered signing up

Equifax's malvertising scare, Chromebook TPM RSA key panic, Cuban embassy sonic weapon heard at last – and more

RoundupYour essential security news soaking

More and more websites are mining crypto-coins in your browser to pay their bills, line pockets

UpdatedNo, Chrome isn't slowing down – you're just silently digging up cyber-cash

Google Grafeas can handle the truth: Web giant and pals emit tool to wrangle containers

Open-source project aspires to spare you from dependency hell

Cisco's ACI adds multi-site support, multi-cloud coming next year

Kubernetes-coralled containers also get the software-defined networking policy treatment

Software update turned my display and mouse upside-down, says user

On-CallSpoiler alert: this story has a twist at the end

Samsung Electronics CEO resigns over bribery scandal

Kwon Oh-hyun quits on the same day company posts monster profits

Culture, schmulture. DevOps, agile need to be software-first again

Decades of preaching about meatware complicated dev life

Beware the GDPR 'no win, no fee ambulance chasers' – experts

Companies told to quit hoarding customer data and get a grip on where it's held

Do you Word2Vec? Google's neural-network bookworm

Making machines eat our words

I love disruptive computer jargon. It's so very William Burroughs

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Let's all affirmerate our modes of acceptancy

Toshiba: Dear Western Digital. Let's talk flash fab moolah

Sell our interest we must, but current flash still needs cash...

Scouse marketing scamps scalped £70k for 100,000+ nuisance calls

Denies automated dialling then files to strike company off government register. Hmm

Co-op Bank's users moan over online wobbles

UpdatedRemember, folks, don't tweet your bank details

BOFH: Oh dear. Did someone get lost on the Audit Trail?

Episode 13Our expenses? Same thing we've filed every year...

Dear America, you can't steal a personality: GDPR godfather talks privacy with El Reg

InterviewJan Philipp Albrecht on transatlantic data flows, anonymity and AI

Uber begins appeals process to claw back taxi licence in London

Ride-hailing biz free to continue operating until negotiations end

Beardy Branson chucks cash at His Muskiness' Hyperloop idea

Firm built round improbable concept now to be known as Virgin Hyperloop One

Android ransomware DoubleLocker encrypts data and changes PINs

Nasty activated by home button unless device gets factory reset

Bloodied and broken AFA pioneer Violin picks itself up and tries again

AnalysisBack in the ring... so what are its chances?

Essex drone snapper dealt with by police for steamy train photos

Thou shalt not fly within 150m of people or built-up areas

Quantum's rook-ey move, software pawns and is cheque in mail for tape?

Storage roundupPlus resistive RAM news – it's a week in storage chess

GarageBanned: Apple's music app silenced in iOS 11 iCloud blunder

Cupertino iGiant scrambles to fix crash bug

Pulitzer-winning website Politifact hacked to mine crypto-coins in browsers

UpdatedMysterious malicious code silently chews up CPU cycles to craft cash on visitors' dime

Facebook, Twitter slammed for deleting evidence of Russia's US election mischief

They have an honest explanation, of course

IT at sea makes data too easy to see: Ships are basically big floating security nightmares

UpdatedExperts find maritime computer defenses lacking

FCC Commissioner blasts new TV standard as a 'household tax'

Americans will not only foot bill for implementation but will also need to buy another telly

US Congress mulls first 'hack back' revenge law. And yup, you can guess what it'll let people do

Can you say 'collateral damage'?

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