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12th > October > 2017 Archive

Fuming Qualcomm smashed with 23 BILLION DOLLAR fine in monopoly abuse probe

Wait, wait, this just in... make that 23 billion Taiwanese dollars

Swiss banking software has Swiss cheese security, says Rapid7

Researchers go public after BPC Banking's long silence on SQL injection bug

Someone liked dwarf planet Haumea so much they put a ring on it

VIDEOWe've not seen orbital bling out this far before

Look! Over there! Intel's cooked a 17-qubit chip quantum package

Have you tried collapsing the waveform and polarizing a photon again?

Workday says it's got a PaaS in its pocket and is ready to party

Matches Salesforce and pals with API-fest and promise of apps built on SaaS

Microsoft is Putin a stop to Russian-sanctions-busting IT resellers

Установка Linux, Дмитрий!

Avaya thinks it's found a new voice, by singing the same old song

INTERVIEWEl Reg meets new CEO Jim Chirico on his tenth day in the job

European Patent Office's document churning snatches Germany's attention: 'We are concerned about quality'

Don't blame staff, blame...

Gartner says back-to-school PC sales failed. IDC says they worked

Whatever's going on, overall sales are down leaving HP Inc and Lenovo lords of a shrinking land

Q. Why's Oracle so two-faced over open source? A. Moolah, wonga, dosh

And lobbying US government against it is NOT modernising IT

Magic hash maths: Dedupe does not have to mean high compute. Wait, what?

AnalysisX-IO maths man claims it can minimise mill hash work with buckets of blooms

UK Treasury Committee chairman calls on Equifax to answer for breach omnishambles

'People have been left in the dark for too long'

Alibaba's Jack Ma says: Relax, we're too wise for robots to take our jobs

We just have a little self-confidence problem is all

Western Dig's MAMR is so phat, it'll store 100TB on a hard drive by 2032

Using microwaves to fry bits into submission

Top of the radio charts: Jodrell Bank goes for UNESCO World Heritage status

UN, you had better say yes...

OnePlus privacy shock: So, the cool Chinese smartphones slurp an alarming amount of data

Are we shocked? *Cough* Google, Apple *Cough*

Whose drone is that? DJI unveils UAV traffic tracking system

But 'Aeroscope' doesn't talk directly to existing aviation systems

Open source sets sights on killing WhatsApp and Slack

ExclusiveSee this IMAP, Zuck? It's pointing right at you

Screw the badgers! Irish High Court dismisses Apple bit barn appeals

€850m data centre given go-ahead after two-year delay

Neglected Pure Connect speaker app silenced in iOS 11's war on 32-bit

Apple upgrade made my year-old wireless hi-fi 'useless', says Reg reader

I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing Gluon: Amazon, Microsoft hope easy AI dev tool sticks

Neural-network interface layer to assist machine learning

Malware again checks into Hyatt's hotels, again checks out months later with victims' credit cards

Hyatt grievance, see?

Crappy upload speeds a thing of the past in fresh broadband 'net spec

Cable Labs goes full duplex for DOCSIS 3.1 – but can ISPs and modems keep up?

It's Patch Blues-day: Bad October Windows updates trigger BSODs

Microsoft's latest fixes blamed for crashing WSUS-managed boxes during start-up

Twitter: Why we silenced Rose McGowan after she slammed alleged sex pest Harvey Weinstein

AnalysisWoman stands up to powerful bully. What happened next will not shock you

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