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10th > October > 2017 Archive

Australia launches critical infrastructure security reforms

Part 1: find out who owns what. Part 2: get them to take security seriously ... or else

Zuck shows Virtual Empathy by visiting Puerto Rico in VR

UpdatedSocial Network™ indulges in disaster pr0n in the week it has new VR kit landing

Smut-watchers suckered by evil advertising

'Millions' of Pr0rnHüb visitors offered fake browser updates

Splunk acquires rival Rocana and some of its techies

In 2015 the two were at each other's throats over a blog post. We think we can say who won!

Hitting 3 nanometers to cost chipmaker TSMC at least US$20 billion

That's the price for continuing to cook Apple's cores

Cortana, please finish my sentences in Skype texts for me

Redmond's AI assistant can now scan your messages and make your more eloquent

Leaky-by-design location services show outsourced security won't ever work

Google and Facebook can't – or won't – anticipate misuses of data that shouldn't exist

Rattled toymaker VTech's data breach case exiting legal pram

Motion to dismiss case of 6.4m leaked kids' accounts looks likely to succeed

Three words: Synthetic gene circuit. Self-assembling bacteria build pressure sensor

Because 3D printers are sooo 2006

OpenEBS v0.4 is live, uses Google container scheduling tech

Kubernetes grunt-powered community storage software

BAE confirms it is slashing 2,000 jobs

Redundancies down to falling demand, says chief exec

Star Wars: Big Euro cinema group can't handle demand for tickets to new flick

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to nerds raging on Twitter

Russia to block access to cryptocurrency exchanges' websites – report

UpdatedCentral bank deputy governor calls them 'dubious'

BlackBerry's new Motion will move you neither to tears of joy nor sadness

First FondleIt's an Android with a few frills and BBM. Fine

Real Mad-quid: Murky cryptojacking menace that smacked Ronaldo site grows

They’re taking our processor cycles

Capita goes to Jon Lewis for CEO

Never knowingly undersold

Outage at EE wrecks voice calls across the UK

EE phone home

Footie ballsup: Petition kicks off to fix 'geometrically impossible' street signs

All hexagons and no pentagons makes Jack a very dull...

Kotlin's killin' Java among Android devs

By the end of 2018, says Realm, Kotlin will overtake Java for Android apps

Overdraft-fiddling hackers cost banks in Eastern Europe $100m

Mules open forged accounts, crooks clear them out from foreign ATMs

Brit bank fined £75k over 1.5 million text and email spamhammer

And London advertising firm spanked for similar campaign

Visual Studio Team Services having some 'performance issues'

Microsoft suspects 'code change' behind slow calls

Before you head into Office 365, pull on this cosy Cloud Archive

Mimecast promises fast mail search and (of course) GDPR-friendly tools

RDX removable disk has ransomware protection begging to be bypassed

RansomBlock tech stops unauthorised access and changes to data

Hackers in Arab world collaborate more than hoodie-clad Westerners

Ideological unity drives 'spirit of sharing' in crimeware market

Samsung rings death knell for disk, gears up for QLC flash production

I see you shiver with antici... pation

Et tu Accenture? Then fall S3er: Consultancy giant leaks private keys, emails and more online

UpdatedAWS config blunder spills secrets all over the internet

Apple's iOS password prompts prime punters for phishing: Too easy now for apps to swipe secrets, dev warns

Fake login request boxes spark formal bug report

Google: This may shock you, but we also banked thousands of dollars to run Russian propaganda

Big sums spent on shady search ads amid US elections

Equifax: About those 400,000 UK records we lost? It's now 15.2M. Yes, M for MEELLLION

UpdatedBrits will be warned by post, agency says

It's 2017... And Windows PCs can be pwned via DNS, webpages, Office docs, fonts – and some TPM keys are fscked too

But at least there's no Flash update (not this week, anyway)

Apple's iPhone X won't experience the joy of 6...

...says analyst who reckons Cupertino's next big iThing will fall short of its last big iThing

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard

Farewell, you're out of extended support: No more updates, security fixes from Microsoft

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