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9th > October > 2017 Archive

New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'

If you fancy whipping up a bondage loop under a BSDM licence this is the language you've been gagging for

Storage pizza from The Register's wood-fired oven

Get a piece of our weekend storage pizza

Cisco sells data virtualization unit to Tibco

Bought in 2013, disposed of in 2017 due to misalignment with 'long-term focus'

PostgreSQL says SCRAM to MD5 authentication

Version 10 improves replication, simplifies partitioning

FCC gives Google's broadband balloons 'experimental license' in Puerto Rico

Project Loon gets its chance to beam relief broadband

German Firefox users to test recommendation engine 'a bit like thought-reading'

POLLData capture tool that analyses 'surfing activity' will land in ~1% of browsers

Moon trumps Mars in new US space policy

Veep Pence calls for Luna to become stepping stone for farther missions, constant US presence in low-Earth orbit

Ghost in Musk's machines: Software bugs' autonomous joy ride

Getting serious before things get serious for self-driving vehicles

Microsoft's foray into phones was a bumbling, half-hearted fiasco, and Nadella always knew it

Why Redmond's CEO offloaded the business in an instant

UK spy oversight body updates rules to include right of appeal

IPAHearings without complainant still A-OK though

Fast Forward Labs CEO: 'If every idea on the roadmap is a good idea, that scares me a bit'

Hilary Mason on Cloudera acquisition, AI hype and getting enterprises to experiment

You may not have noticed, but 'superfast' broadband is available to 94% of Blighty

Fivemiletown, Northern Ireland, ambles at a stately 1.2Mbps

Video games used to be an escape. Now not even they are safe from ads

VB2017Devs seduced by the dark arts of data collection and product placement

Frustrated Britons struggle to locate their packages: Royal Mail tracker smacked

UpdatedSome might have to wait a bit longer...

1,000 jobs on the line at BAE Systems' Lancashire plants – reports

Warton braced for job cuts

Fending off cyber attacks as important as combatting terrorism, says new GCHQ chief

Director Jeremy Fleming sets out priorities for intel agency

Shhh! There's a new BlackBerry and... no, we've said too much

Stealth launch in Gulf, no sign when to expect it in US/EU

Stealthy storage startup wants to fly read-write heads closer to disks

Which means higher capacity, according to L2 Drive

How many times can Microsoft kill Mobile?

Belfiore's done it again

Calm down, Elon. Deep learning won't make AI generally intelligent

Minds Mastering MachinesProfessor Mark Bishop on the dangers of deep stupidity

Boffins' bonkers fibre demo: 53 Tbps down ONE piece of glass

Japan's NICT looks to data centres of the future

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