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5th > October > 2017 Archive

Google touts Babel Fish-esque in-ear real-time translators. And the usual computer stuff

And a slightly creepy but well-intentioned robo-camera

RAM, bam, awww ... man! Boffins defeat Rowhammer protections

New attack flips bits in uerspace binaries for fun and p0wnage

Here's a gentle guide to building JavaScript AI in web browsers. Totally not a scary thing

Google unwraps toy image rec neural net

Mozilla extends, and ends, Firefox support for Windows XP and Vista

Even Extended Support Releases will be naked and alone as of June 2018

Australia approves national database of everyone's mugshots

UpdatedFederal Police won't need to wait a week any more to see you smile

Intelsat and Intel reckon satellite spectrum could help with 5G's coming capacity crunch

Farmers can keep it, but cities' spectrum scarcity needs a fix

Google finds 200m more people to advertise to in a single day

Bengali speakers freed from absence of search monetisation

Biochem boffins win the Nobel Prize for cryo-electron microscopy

Fancy method captures three-dimensional images of biomolecules

HPE server firmware update permanently bricks network adapters

Do not install July Service Pack for ProLiant on ESXi unless you want free replacements

Keybase Git gets keys, basically: Secure chat app encrypts your repos

Security blanket for the paranoid among us (OK, all of us reading this)

NASA tests supersonic parachute, to help us land on Mars

VidSub-orbital rocket worked, but the telemetry indicates a sudden descent

Splunk hits Oracle's Larry where it hurts: His failure to win America's Cup boat race

With our analytics you won’t capsize next time, Lawrence

India's national internet registry breached, but says heist was trivial

Local security firm says 15 Bitcoin buys enough data to take down the Indian internet

Onwards to Valhalla: Java ain't dead yet and it's only getting bigger

That is, if the sheer amount biz uses is anything to go by

Google hooks up with Scale for cloud collab?! What does it all mean?

And what will it become?

Ex-Harrods IT man cleared of stealing company issued laptop

Yet guilty plea to computer misuse offence costs him £250

HPE: Cloud Server WILL survive... we just need someone else to buy 'em

Canalys channels forumNot you, Microsoft. You had your chance

Bulletproof hosts stay online by operating out of disputed backwaters

VB2017Russian Business Network alumni still very much in business, research suggests

Power, Sex, Platform Wars... Register Autumn Lectures tackle them all

LecturesOK, the sex part not so much... this time

UK cybercops reacted to 590 'significant attacks' over past year – report

Phishing sites only stick around in Blighty for 1 hour, they boast

Foiled again! Brit military minds splash cash on killing satellites with... food wrapping?

Great for keeping sandwiches fresh AND de-orbiting sails

What does Elon Musk really need? A personal theme tune, of course!

Do not adjust your set, you are not watching The Day Today

Spy vs spy vs hacker vs... who is THAT? Everyone's hacking each other

VB2017And it's making threat intel much, much harder, say researchers

Toshiba, you can't have 14TB served on a platter. It'll take eight, at least

AnalysisBig T lags in capacity stakes but could catch up soon

Is it the right time to virtualize?

Maturity, complexity and efficiency

Boeing borgs robot aeronautics biz Aurora Flight Sciences

Will this be the end of piloted planes? Give it a while yet

Microsoft tries to Spark relationship with cluster lusters: Promises 5-min big data bang on Azure

Aims to have Apache Spark running in time it takes to make cuppa

Seagate fires NASty volley of 12TB spinners with lifebelt for fried data

BarraCuda Pro and IronWolves get a capacity jump

Hey, IoT vendors. When a paediatric nurse tells you to fix security, you definitely screwed up

VB2017Jelena Milosevic says what we're all thinking

WDC being a real Bain in the butt as it tries to bar Toshiba memory sale

Winning consortium wants IPO for flash unit in three years

Dumb bug of the week: Apple's macOS reveals your encrypted drive's password in the hint box

VideoHigh Sierra update derided by devs as half-baked

Microsoft Edge shock: Browser opts for Apple WebKit, Google Blink

On iOS and Android, cough

Russian spies used Kaspersky AV to hack NSA staffer, swipe exploit code – new claim

Не делай из мухи слона, говорит Евгений

Beach, please... Billionaire VC finally opens way to waves

Vinod Khosla responds to the only thing he knows: money

npm adds two-factor auth, security tokens in wake of JS typo attack

Let's make sure that code you're pulling in is legit code, not some scumbag's library

How bad can the new spying legislation be? Exhibit 1: it's called the USA Liberty Act

AnalysisFreedom doesn't mean what you think it does

Lenovo spits out retro ThinkPads for iconic laptop's 25th birthday

A look into Big Blue and Lenovo's forays into beloved black boxes

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