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4th > October > 2017 Archive

Microsoft shows off Windows 10 Second Li, er, Mixed Reality

El Reg takes another spin on Redmond's VR headset support in Fall Creators release

Google backs up Firebase with a second realtime NoSQL silo

Cloud Firestore aspires to scale better

White House plan to nuke social security numbers is backed by Equifax's ex-top boss

We meant it, nothing matters any more. Nothing at all

Developers' timezone fail woke half of New Zealand

Wee small hours civil defence wake-in-fright text arrives on Vodafone mobes

Town wants Amazon's new HQ so much it plans to split off new town called 'Amazon'

At last, the leadership America desperately needs

Dropbox thinks outside the … we can't go there, not when a box becomes a 'collection of surfaces'

Logowatch'Pairing colours, type and imagery' is the new creativity, apparently

FreeBSD gains eMMC support so … errr … watch out, Android

Gadgets that need Flash now have another alternative OS

Russian bot-herder and election-fiddling suspect closer to US trial

It's an international tug-of-war: Russia also wants to extradite Peter Levashov

Sole Equifax security worker at fault for failed patch, says former CEO

Someone failed to order the patch. If it was you, c'mere, have a hug. And a new identity

Oracle wants you to drop a log into its cloud, so it can talk security

OpenWorld 2017Larry E wants diverse log file formats tamed, so you can ask security questions in natural language

Russian telco backs up North Korea's sole Internet link

Transtelecom can reach 256 North Korean hosts

Rosetta probe's final packets massaged into new snap of Comet 67P

Just 53 per cent of the image made it home, so software thought it couldn't be a photo

What is the probability of being drunk at work and also being tested? Let's find out! Correctly

Hello, wrong numberShow you're not n00b with these slick analytical skillz

Hyped about HyperCloud HyperGrid sheds execs

+CommentHyper-V-focused HCIA products pushed out by cloud services takeover

Hollywood has savaged enough sci-fi classics – let's hope Dick would dig Blade Runner 2049

Early signs might be positive, but this is holy ground for some

The Clippy of NetApp is an IBM Watson-powered cartoon robot called Elio

I'm sorry, I didn't understand the question

European Commission refers Ireland to court over failure to collect €13bn in tax from Apple

Decision 'extremely regrettable', says Irish government

World's first dedicated computer centre declared 'irreplaceable' by Historic England

This is not just a hut. This is an original Bletchley Park hut

The URL of sandwich: Microsoft Office blogs redirect snafu foils users

A pox on your proxy, seethe Excel-wranglers

DeepMind now has an ethics unit – which may have helped when it ate 1.6m NHS patient details

Better late than never, I guess

Li-quid hot mag-ma: There's a Martian meteorite in your backyard. How'd it get there?

Asteroid smacks chunks off a volcano... but not as we know it

Amazon told to repay €250m in 'unfair state aid' from Luxembourg

EU competition commish cracks whip twice in a day

2019: The year that Microsoft quits Surface hardware

Canalys Channels ForumOr so say a bunch of PC execs and Canalys CEO

HP Inc exec: Yes, we'll put a bullet in the X3 device

Canalys Channels ForumAnd it's all Microsoft's fault 'cos 'we aren't an OS company' – PC giant

Legacy clearout? Not all at once, surely. Keeping tech up to snuff in an SMB

Managing the legacy and you

Russian suspected of $4bn Bitcoin laundering op to be extradited to US

38-year-old said to be appealing Greek court's decision

Microsoft's Azure servers want to sip your mug of serverless Java

JavaOneAzure Functions upgraded to woo developers speaking Oracle's language

Snap, crackle ... patch! Apple kicks out iOS 11.0.2 to tackle crappy calls, fix email glitches

Mystery of disappearing photos solved, too

US Senate stamps the gas pedal on law to flood America's streets with self-driving cars

Foes flustered by 'dangerous' light-touch regulation

Web uni says it will get you a tech job or your money back. So our man Kieren signed up...

Special reportParisian e-learning outfit launches in US

NetApp straps on serverless taps, cloud cost caps, deduplication stats... and other tat

Storage software updated and benchmark spanked

Facebook, Google, Twitter are the shady bouncers of the web. They should be fired

AnalysisYou can't come in... oh, $20? Right this way, Vlad

Open your doors to white hats before black hats blow them off, US deputy AG urges big biz

And don't forget to add in those backdoors, ta

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