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27th > September > 2017 Archive

White House staffers jabbed with probe over private email use

Clinton calls hypocrisy but somewhat misses the point

Google slurps cloudy single-sign-on concern Bitium

Ad giant has an 'Identity Vision' and now sees it more clearly

Oracle corrals and patches Struts 2 vulnerabilities

Big Red issues out-of-band patch for Apache and a few other urgent issues

nbn™ sweetens the deal for business and its own bottom line

UpdatedMirrors price relief offered to consumer market

Arabian, sorry, Amazon Web Services to land in Bahrain and UAE

Full region coming in 2019. Keeping it cold should be fun!

Accelerite re-floats Citrix CloudPlatform as 'Rovius Cloud'

Code Citrix sold becomes multi-hypervisor hybrid cloud wrangler full of bursty goodness

Google Cloud says it's first-to per-second cloud server billing, twice

Also says it's not the best way to save money for most people

Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck

Vacuum-maker to spend £2bn on 'radical battery electric vehicle' due on the road in 2020

Is this cough cancer, doc? No: it's a case of Playmobil on the lung

Chap inhaled tiny toy traffic cone 40 years ago and he's been spluttering ever since

Have MAC, will hack: iThings have trivial-to-exploit Wi-Fi bug

Project Zero reveal you really shouldn't skip the upgrade to iOS 11

¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to hush Catalonian independence vote sites

Dot-cat referendum webpages censored amid brazen internet crackdown

Smartphone SatNavs to get centimetre-perfect GNSS receivers in 2018

Broadcom sampling chipset that should let navigation apps tell you which lane to drive in

Samsung flashes flash stash for flash motors

In-cabin gear gets NAND assist for driver help and infotainment

Alibaba beats Google for IaaS market share, with IBM out of sight

AWS is way in front, Azure a solid second, server-makers in trouble

SPARC will fly: Your cheat sheet for cocktail banter at Oracle's upcoming shindig

OpenWorldOr a little historical insight for those not going

Helium's for balloons and squeaky voices, not this 10TB Toshiba beast

Gas-free drive war with WDC and Seagate ramps up again

SQL Server 2017: What's new, what's missing on Linux, and what's next?

IgniteMicrosoft's general manager talks to Reg about cross-platform SQL Server

Google's pay-to-play 'remedy' is warming Eurocrats' hearts

Yeah. We can do that. No problem.

Cisco polishes the axe for more HQ job cuts

Hundreds earmarked for the chop

Gov contractor nicked on suspicion of Official Secrets Act breach

65-yr-old woman being held in London, Blighty

EasyJet: We'll have electric airliners within the next decade

Blue-sky thinking... no, you shut up...

Get your tiny violins out: Troubled FalconStor has flown the Nasdaq coop

Delisted storage firm now trading stock on OTCQB

TalkTalk once told GCHQ: Cyberattack? We'd act fast – to get sport streams back up

UpdatedNational Cyber Crime Unit spills on pre-2015 megahack convo

Maxta provides nifty escape route from vSphere tax

Put a Red Hat on your virtual machines and steal away

In a surprise to no one, BT and TalkTalk top Ofcom's whinge-list

'Some providers still not doing enough,' says regulator

Feasting on Azure blobs: Caringo and Scality are doing it

Adding S3 gateways to Mr Blobby's storage in the Microsoft cloud

'Alexa, play Charlie Bit My Finger.' I can't do that, Dave. No, really

Google and Amazon clash over YouTube on the Echo Show

Massive revenues from RAM, flash make Micron chief a happy chappy

Mehrotra hints beyond 64-layer tech could land next year

Don’t let lack of All Flash Array experience hold you back

ResearchBridging the chasm

Power meltdown 'fries' SourceForge, knocks site's servers titsup

ExclusiveTotal Inability To Support Unusual Projects

Twitter's 280-char blog mode can be enabled client-side. Just sayin'

Here's some code and Curl commands to get you on the path of milliblogging

Yahoo! search! results!, recommendations!, ad! flinging! code! is! now! open! source!

Here's the keys to ride Vespa into the sunset

Dot-Amazon spat latest: Brazil tells ICANN to go fsck itself, only 'govts control the internet'

AnalysisBattle to block Bezos from gTLD slams into big biz

Alleged dark web drug baron cuffed – after he flew to US for World Beard Championships

Hirsute French hipster 'found with $500,000 in BTC'

FCC commish cites infamous porn ruling to slam shady US mobile competition report

How about we define the thing we're supposedly deciding on, queries Rosenworcel

Signal taps up Intel's SGX to (hopefully) stop contacts falling into hackers, cops' hands

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