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25th > September > 2017 Archive

Hurricane Maria leaves Arecibo radio telescope damaged and dark

Feed antenna collapses, dropping debris onto main dish

Shock! Hackers for medieval caliphate are terrible coders

DerbyConDaesh-bags give up on writing their own attack code, copy successful hackers

Air traffic 'glitch' grounds Sydney flights

Power outage of software crash, depending on who you listen to

Guess – go on, guess – where a vehicle tracking company left half a million records

No prize, because it's too easy: SVR Tracking had an unsecured AWS S3 bucket

Australia commits to establish space agency with no budget, plan, name, deadline …

Mission plan: retrieve lost votes from deep within black hole of democratic disillusionment

Driverless cars will make more traffic, say transport boffins

Share my car? I'd rather walk, punters tell Australian survey

Don't panic, but.. ALIEN galaxies are slamming Earth with ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

Particle streams unlikely to come from within the Milky Way

Want to keep in contact with friends and family without having to sell your personal data?

ReviewThen Loop – or, at least, a future version of it – may be for you

Brit chip design company Imagination Tech sold to China-linked private equity

Firm that Trump banned from another silicon sale scoops GPU tech outfit cored by Apple

Wanna get started with practical AI? Check out this chap's Rubik's Cube solving neural-net code

Written in Python, it's not perfect – but it's pretty cool

What's in this Monday morning storage BLT? A 12TB WD HDD, wars of words – and more

RoundupBacon, lettuce, tomato? No, loads of tasty bytes, layers and topologies

IETF doc seeks reliable vSwitch benchmark

Once switches become just another function to spawn, you'll need to know how they'll fare

Hotter than the Sun: JET – Earth’s biggest fusion reactor, in Culham

Geek's Guide to BritainA star performer producing fission-free plasma power

Pesky users! They're always compromising endpoints! Security baked into silicon helps

SponsoredIntel chippery tech mitigates the most careless of workers

Lenovo fishes in Brit PC pond for new UK boss

Lands Preben Fjeld

It's high time we extend Freedom of Information Act to outsourcers

CommentUK Information Commissioner's speech renews issue of transparency

AI in Medicine? It's back to the future, Dr Watson

AnalysisWhy IBM's cancer projects sounds like Expert Systems Mk.2

You'll never guess what NetApp's new E-Series flash box ca... Yes. It's faster and stores more

AnalysisNow with added NVMe-over-fabrics support

Compsci grads get the fattest pay cheques six months after uni – report

Oxford students top of the pile with whopping £45k salary

Cops shut 28k sites flogging knock-off footie kits and other tat

Warn Joe Public: they'll nick your ID and ruin your credit

iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn

A referee would have stopped this fight

Brit military wants a small-drone-killer system for £20m

Too small for lasers, too big for nets

Microsoft sparks up Ignite with fresh Azure, Office 365 features

Redmond also shows off SQL Server 2017 and internal Bing

Insteon and Wink home hubs appear to have a problem with encryption

Which is to say neither do it

SAP gobbles customer identity management startup Gigya for $350m

Gets its mitts on juicy GDPR-friendly data security tech

Sensitive client emails, usernames, passwords exposed in Deloitte hack

Oops, did someone forget to turn on 2FA?

London Mayor backs talks with Uber after head honcho's apology

Biz worming its way back in following licence renewal drama

Sigfox doesn't do IP and is therefore secure, says UK IoT network operator

Bold claim by WND-UK grand fromage

Hortonworks aims to entice enterprise with simple data management service

Hadoop-flinger promises one service to manage multiple platforms and use cases

More than half of small firms plan on using Privacy Shield – survey

But it’s still not the most popular way to zip data across the pond

After Microsoft calls out HP Inc over stalled Windows 10 logins, HP bounces back with a fix

Shove this tool into your PC if it's getting stuck during startup

Limp Weiner to get 21 months in the hole

Hard time ahead for disgraced sexting politician Anthony

Fresh chips from Intel (yay?) at 14nm (awww)

But don't fret, 10nm Cannonlake's still on track for late-2017 arrival, allegedly

CBS's Showtime caught mining crypto-coins in viewers' web browsers

Who placed the JavaScript code on two primetime dot-coms? So far, it's a mystery

Brit broke anti-terror law by refusing to cough up passwords to cops

Rabbani found guilty, vows to appeal after resisting demand for iPhone, laptop passcodes

Microsoft: We've made a coding language for a quantum computer that may or may not exist

IgniteWindows giant touts magic to distract from its legacy tech battle

Welcome to the future: Bluetooth jackets you can only wash 10 times. Gee, thanks, Google

Phone-controlling Levi's soft-wear for, presumably, non-sweaty nerds

Bing fling sting: Apple dumps Microsoft search engine for Google

Safari, Spotlight to be powered by the Chocolate Factory

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