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13th > September > 2017 Archive

Boffins find a new way to catch the 'tails' of quasars in massive galaxies

Radio jets beamed from gigantic black holes are still a mystery

Government lab that gives a crap pushes open source

Boffins reveal code for turning cow pies into cash

SAP E-Recruiting bug could let you stop rivals poaching your people

This might be the rare case of a bug you don't want patched

Slack re-invents the extranet and shared Notes databases with cross-company teams

Everything hip is new again

Auto-makers told their autopilots need better safeguards

US safety regulator finds computer in fatal Tesla crash could have intervened earlier

Boffins' satcomms rig uses earthly LEDs to talk to orbiting PV panels

Lasers are too pricy, so we're using BLINKENLIGHTS instead

Samsung mobile launches bug bounty program

Crack a Galaxy or bash Bixby and score US$20K to $200K

'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google

Chocolate Factory unwraps developer style guide, squibs the thorny ISO date debate

North Korea attacks Bitcoin bods to swell its war chest says FireEye

BTC isn't explicitly covered by sanctions and Kim could launder it into useful currencies

Cassini probe's death dive to send data at just 27 kilobits per second

Which is why its cameras will stop snapping a day before it smacks into Saturn

Kaspersky shrugs off US government sales ban proposal

It's not like we sell to the Feds, so go ahead and ban us!

El Reg is hiring an intern. Apply now before it closes

Come and bite the hand that feeds

Regulate, says Musk – OK, but who writes the New Robot Rules?

Cause, accountability, responsibility

Act fast to get post-Brexit data deal, Brit biz urges

Last major data deal between EU and third country took 4 years

Sacre bleu! Apple's high price, marginal gain iPhone strategy leaves it stuck in the mud

CommentSamsung has little to fear

Apple’s facial recognition: Well, it is more secure for the, er, sleeping user

iPhone X feature receives stony-faced reaction from security buffs

UK's new Data Protection Bill will be 'liberal' not 'libertarian', says digi minister

Matt Hancock uses speech on the internet to pontificate about liberalism...

Giant frikkin' British laser turret to start zapping stuff next year

That's part one sorted. Now, who's supplying the sharks?

Get out your specs: Java EE's headed to the Eclipse Foundation

Yes, we meant specifications... and think up a name, would you?

Reg reader Regina is doing Byte Night - and so should you

West London techie trio spurred into action for homeless youngsters

Cops' use of biometric images 'gone far beyond custody purposes'

Lord Scriven says response 'not worth the paper it is printed on'

Weird white dwarf pulsar baffles boffins as its pulsating pattern changes over decades

AR Scorpii was the first white dwarf pulsar to be found

US government sued by 11 pissed-off travellers over computer searches

Searching your phone should require a warrant, says lawsuit

Apple's 'shoddy' Beats headphones get slammed in lawsuit

Claims of sweat resistance and durability are lies, litigious customers contend

Homeland Security drops the hammer on Kaspersky Lab with preemptive ban

Government departments have 90 days to rip and replace

Uber loses bid to avoid trial in Waymo case

Sorry bros, you'll have to tell it to the jury – and give us the Stroz Report too

Credit reference agencies faulted for poor patching

UpdatedHold our beers, Equifax

Pennsylvania cops deploy electronics sniffer dog to catch child abusers

Hard drive hound ready for duty

Signs of ground ice found on ancient protoplanet asteroid Vesta

Scientists reignite the idea of water-bearing asteroids bringing oceans to Earth

Apple bumps up price on iPad Pro as flash costs climb

Cupertino Idiot Tax gets a $50 increase to cover chip charges

Intelligence director pulls national security BS on spying question

Senator Wyden not happy with continued obfuscation

Facebook posts put Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli in prison as a danger to society

Nope, not over the securities fraud, or the drug price hike

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