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6th > September > 2017 Archive

Free of software boat anchor and chain around its neck, HPE sees profits inch upward

Meanwhile, Meg gives the dirt on Uber courtship

Please, pleeeease let me ban Kaspersky Lab from US govt PCs – senator

Who needs actual evidence when you're scared of Russia?

WhatsApp irons a shirt, dons a suit, prepares business services

Slackers beware, Facebook-owned messaging platform thinks it can charge for chat

Boffins hijack bootloaders for fun and games on Android

One of these days the 'BootStomp' attack is gonna walk all over your smartmobe

Both HPs, Vizio join Arista's legal fight against Cisco

Supporters say switch upstart's US trade bans should be lifted, sooner rather than later

Amazing! Is WDC giving in to Tosh pressure?

Will you continue to invest in the flash fab....purleaze

Unable to give up on life on Mars, bio-boffins now thrilled to find boron

Another glimmer of hope of finding ET on otherwise barren brutal busted-flush dust world

Internet Australia chair, directors, won't seek re-election

+COMMENT'Time for significant board renewal' and perhaps less sound and fury too

Dear rioters: Hiding your face with scarves, hats can't fool this AI system

Accuracy is not great – but it's a start for computer-aided crackdowns by cops

Sub plot subplot thickens: Madsen claims hatch fumble killed Swede journo Kim Wall

Crowdfunded submarine maker blames door slip

Give staff privacy at work, Euro human rights court tells bosses

Management must consider employees' rights in workplace policy

Microsoft extends free Windows 10 S to Win 10 Pro upgrade offer

That Windows-Store-apps-only plan doesn't seem to be going down well with Surface buyers

Huawei developing NMVe over IP SSD

Seagate Kinetic drive idea had Huawei genesis and has Huawei follow-on

What's your flava? Ooo, tell me what's your flava... of Ubuntu

The options when 17.10 drops

Indian call centre scammers are targeting BT customers

In some cases fraudsters knew their mark's personal details

Huawei's many-headed beast of a cloud wants a serious bite of the action

AnalysisMore details emerge on how they plan to compete with the big industry players

Fruit flies' brains at work: Decision-making? They use their eyes

Before you scoff, consider how much we rationalise away what's in front of us

Billion-euro Intel EU antitrust saga goes on and on and...

European Court of Justice decides general court skipped important analysis

Another day, another drone upstart skips the consumer market

Atlas Dynamics produces 'low radar footprint' autonomous flying machine

Mo' money mo' mobile payments... Security risks? Whatever!

AnalysisDespite experts' concerns, adoption is rocketing in some parts of the world

File software-flinger Elastifile stretches funding further to $65m

WDC leads bijou $16m round for infrastructure build-out

Brit aviation regulator is hiring a space 'n' drones manager

Fancy talking to Virgin and Amazon? Get into the CAA

Facebook's music plans mean you'll never leave Facebook

AnalysisRoach motel

Tintri havin' it large with all-flash EC6000 boxen

Fills storage tank with full-fat 3D NAND SSDs

France to tack weapons onto spy drones – reports

Reapers currently used solely for surveillance

TalkTalk plans to bail on mobile in major shake-up for beleaguered biz

Three reported to be 'interested' in a deal

Energy sector biz hackers are back and badder than ever before

Dragonfly dissected

As Hurricane Irma grows, Earth now lashed by SOLAR storms

Biggest Sun flare in years could be heading our way

Must go faster, must go faster! Oracle lobs Java EE into GitHub, vows rapid Java SE releases

Plenty of life left in this dinosaur

Facebook claims a third more users in the US than people who exist

Are we looking at an advertising house of cards?

Twitter is just randomly deleting people's lists – and no one knows why

UpdatedExciting new problem for microblogging giant to completely ignore

A furious think-tank boss, Google, and an academic 'fired' for criticizing ads giant

AnalysisStrange tale takes a new turn as CEO fights back

FCC taps the brakes on fudging US broadband speed amid senator fury

Tell me again why slower internet is a good thing?

Violent moon mishap will tear Uranus a new ring or two

Astroboffins predict cosmic collision for ice giant

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