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1st > September > 2017 Archive

China: Cute Hyperloop Elon, now watch how it's really done


nbn™ adds premises to FTTC, HFC, slims down FTTN build

Build will end in 2020, stay in the financial envelope.
We promise, really, truly

Alert: AT&T customers with Arris modems at risk of remote hacking, claim infosec bods

Just the usual procession of firmware vulnerabilities

Asterisk bugs make a right mess of RTP

IP telephony server discloses three vulns, one critical. You know what to do next

Boffins want machine learning to predict earthquakes

Shocking! Lab experiments prove promising, but predicting real destruction is a lot harder

User thanked IT department for fast new server, but it had never left its box

On-CallHead of IT then used happy user's praise to score a bigger budget

OpenStack Pike release bites hard on microservices and scale

Project tries to move on to lifecycle management rather than initial setup

So much data, so little time: How to not flip your wig processing it

What if I told you it's possible to store both raw and summaries

Connect at mine free Wi-Fi! I would knew what I is do! I is cafe boss!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?There's no security on holiday when you're a bellend

FFS: Toshiba snubs WDC, goes crawling back to Bain, Hon Hai

What a beautiful mess

China's cybersecurity law grants government 'unprecedented' control over foreign tech

Relinquish your IP or lose one of the world's largest markets

Why is it that geeks' favourite enemies are... other geeks?

Reg EventGoldsmiths boffin wades into platform war stories at Reg lecture

Snoops 'n' snitches auditor IPCO gets up and running

Broken the law while spying? Someone will write to you, later

Nutanix reports record revenues for first year since going public

Sees itself as VMware rival

Chinese smartphone cable-maker chucks sueball at Apple

Asks for 12 pence for 'unfair competition'

WDC to Toshiba: We're sorry about the memory thing (see you in court)

+CommentIs Daddy going to live somewhere else?

We experienced Windows Mixed Reality. Results: Well, mixed

Hands OnYou understand it's not the final version? Hmm

'Independent' gov law reviewer wants users preemptively identified before they're 'allowed' to use encryption

UK watchdog echoes Home Sec in anti-crypto comments

Memo to Microsoft: Keeping your promises is probably a good idea

CommentBlame SatNad, not NYPD, for the mobile blues

Don’t buy that Surface, plead Surface cloners

IFAJust don’t call us cloners

Big Tech slams Trump on plan to deport kids

Oh, what can it mean to a Daydream believer ♪

US cops can't keep license plate data scans secret without reason

California's Supreme Court rules authorities must justify denying data requests

Crushed Juicero now officially a fruitless endeavor

Una-peeling pulp-straining gizmo maker shuts down

Microsoft sets the date for Fall Creators Update

After Lenovo leaks the details

Tesla hit with official complaint over factory conditions

Workers take automaker to labor relations board

Hubble Space Telescope spies possibility of liquid water in TRAPPIST-1

First time boffins have detected water in the planetary system

Mega VR roundup: Lots happening in the virtual and real worlds

New products, cheaper kit and company tie-ins

HPE wraps up $8.8bn Micro Focus software dump spin-off

Newly minted software giant formally begins operations

That virtually impossible classic compsci P vs NP problem is virtually impossible, say boffins

$1m prize is still up for grabs if you want to prove them wrong

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