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30th > August > 2017 Archive

DC court says Dish skirted rules in US airwave auction

No bid credits for sockpuppets, rules judge

Japanese sat tech sinks Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activists' hopes

Southern ocean slaughter to continue unchecked

Uber squints, makes room for another probe: This time it's bribery

What's a good day look like, wonders new CEO Khosrowshahi

Google, VMware and Pivotal team for on-premises Kubernetes

VMworld 2017Apparently some of you want to cuddle containers

Judge: You can't call someone a c*nt, but a C∀NT is a cunning stunt

So long as you stay silent and put it on a sign you're clever and not criminal

China to get its very own cut-price cut-down cut of vSphere

VMworld 2017HPC and Big Data types get one too, and you're all getting non-disruptive upgrades soon

Pacemaker patch passes probe by US watchdog

The Doctor will see you now to re-program your St Jude implant

Lanarkshire NHS infection named as Bitpaymer variant

Ransomeware asked for 50+ Bitcoin, but analysts say files can't be decrypted anyway

Sweden may extend data retention, splat NAT and register VPNs

Local ISP claims it's seen ABBA-solutely horrific consultation documents

It's make-your-mind-up time! Toshiba to decide if WDC gets its flash biz

Something may happen soon™

We're not the 'world leader' in electric cars, Nissan insists

Ad watchdog: Correct, you're not. *slap*

Best Korea fingered for hacks against Bitcoin exchanges in South

Norks planning more raids to cover sanction losses, say intel boffins

How does Apple chief Tim Cook's package look now? Like $89m

Just toss it on the massive money pile

Google has some sort of plan for not favouring its own shopping service

Submits to regulators with a comfy three hours to spare

Terry Pratchett's unfinished works flattened by steamroller

Hard drive crushed ahead of exhibition opening

If Machine Learning is the question, open source is the answer. Right?

Why Google's gift of TensorFlow is not what it seems

Another banking trojan is trying to loot your cryptocurrency wallets

Trickbot variant adds Coinbase exchange to monitored sites

Scale unveils ludicrously fast HCIA with 20μs latencies

Lights the afterburners with NVMe flash and Optane drives, plus VM direct storage access

Northern Ireland cops hired cybersecurity biz to ID critics on Twitter

Anonymous trolls censured force's management

Ex-Harrods IT worker pleads guilty to PC repair shop trip

Hitchin man tried to have company-issued laptop taken off store's domain

Caringo's 100TB cost-free Swarm licence foot in the door

Media and entertainment businesses get free object storage offer

They say 'quality over quantity,' but quantifying IT performance is a good shout too

Show the board some graphs, boards love graphs

Microsoft's fix for web graphics going AWOL? Disable your antivirus

Or stop using Internet Explorer 11, of course

China claims to have turbine-powered drone carrying 200kg payload

CommentSounds smelly – but it's a signpost to what they're hoping to achieve

'Open and accessible' spambot server leaks 711 million records

Many duplicates in River City-rivalling data spill

Veeam follows Virtzilla's cloud up the Amazon

Wherever VMware's customers go, we shall also go

Some positive news: LG, Hitachi, NEC charged $65m in li-ion battery price fixing shocker

L-ion kings to cough up profits – it's the circuit, er, circle of life

NYPD head of IT doubles down on Windows smartphone idiocy

But, but, but they gave them to us for free, says tech boss

VMworld security asked to probe theft of anti-Nutanix schwag

Rival hyperconverged vendor Maxta says someone pinched its pins and silenced its stand

Oh, ambassador! You literally are spoiling us: Super-stealthy spyware hits Euro embassy PCs

Gazer opens Windows onto diplomatic secrets

Tech soap-opera latest: Alexa marries Cortana, will share custody of customers

AnalysisAmazon, Microsoft agree to complete each other

Uber sued by Uber for tarnishing the good name of Uber

Can't we all just be Uber-alles?

Criticize Google, get fired: Spotlight spins on ad giant's use of soft money

Welcome to the new America at the New America Foundation

Boffins turn to AI to zip through piles of gravitational lenses

Fast method gives researchers more time to answer bigger questions about our Universe

US government: We can jail you indefinitely for not decrypting your data

Ex-cop in child abuse case approaching 2 years in the clink

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