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29th > August > 2017 Archive

Intel ME controller chip has secret kill switch

UpdatedResearchers find undocumented accommodation for government customers

Turnbull's Transformers lash government IT mavens over spend

Tech projects running at not far south of ten BEELLION a year

Fujitsu Australia cloud outage leaves lifeguards' members exposed

Cloud operator 'reviewing' outage as Surf Life Saving Australia says it still doesn't have a proper portal

Fancy a free breakfast buffet? Tuck in to this storage smörgåsbord

See how how your storage food can be protected, replicated, encrypted, cached and more

US Navy develops underwater wireless battery-charging tech

Submersible drones are vulnerable when they surface to recharge, hence the need for wetter-is-better top-up tech

Swedish slip-up leaks hosting company's customer data

Bork bork bork! Hackers infiltrate major hosting provider Loopia

FTC ready to give back tech support scamming money to the bilked

No, really, it's a refund offer from the FTC and not another scam email… don't delet…

Dangle a DVR online and it'll be cracked in two minutes

Army of web scum constantly testing insecure things' well-known default passwords

Boffin rediscovers 1960s attempt to write fiction with computers

IBM 650 could cobble together fiction long before Watson marketing kicked into gear

DJI strips out code badness, reveals some GPL odds 'n sods

Slowly, slowly, findee source codey

SAP point-of-sale systems were totally hackable with $25 kit

Researchers able to hijack server and steal card details

EE!? The sound customers make when the interwebz don't work

Broadband's out nationwide, say frustrated Twitter folk

Whatchu doin' Upthere? Western Digital moves on cloud storage space

Gobbles consumer file-hosting startup for undisclosed amount

Well, debugger me. Microsoft's BSOD fixer is getting a makeover

Grey screen gets ribbonised

Look, we know you're all hacking DJI drones. How 'bout a bug bounty?

Firm says it'll pay out up to $30k for big holes

Dell EMC shoves more VMware in hybrid cloud, hyperconverged stuff

Best buds working together on a bunch of enhancements

Mazda and Toyota join forces on Linux-based connected car platform

No button to silence squabbling kids in the back as yet

Kiwi prankster 'oinks' down cops' radio and sings Old MacDonald

Can someone lend them some direction-finding gear?

So thoughtful. Uber says it won't track you after you leave their vehicles

Company again reminded of difference between 'we can do this' and 'we should do this'

UK infrastructure failing to meet the most basic cybersecurity standards

We're all doomed

Western Digital continues buying spree by snapping up Tegile

That's one way for a storage array business to avoid an IPO

MongoDB quits Solaris, wants to work on an OS people actually use

Says users are migrating away, criticizes Oracle's roadmap and ends builds and support, effective ASAP

Boffins prove oil and water CAN mix – if you do it in a gas giant

On Earth it requires two diamonds and a ton of pressure

Huge Apple news confirmed. Software deal with Accenture is official

That's the announcement everyone's been waiting for, right?

For once, Uber takes it up the tailpipe: Robo-ride gets rear-ended

First California accident, caused by inconsiderate human

Two million customer records pillaged in IT souk CeX hack attack

Computer reseller warns of password, personal info theft

US watchdog alert: Don't fall victim to crapto crypto-coin cons, people

Advisory warns of dodgy digital money scams

How the CIA, Comcast can snoop on your sleep patterns, sex toy usage

The smart home may need to get a whole lot smarter, researchers warn

Living in space basically shoves a warp drive into your blood stream

Human body 'tries to turn on all possible defense systems'

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