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25th > August > 2017 Archive

Chinese chap collared, charged over massive US Office of Personnel Management hack

Fingers pointed at Yu Pingan & unnamed conspirators in PRC

SUSE pledges endless love for btrfs, says Red Hat's dumping irrelevant

Also hints at crypto and update tech to make it handy for updating Linux on IoT devices

India's Aadhaar national biometric ID scheme at risk after Supreme Court rules privacy is a right

Facebook and Google also have reason to be worried

Forget trigonometry, 'cos Babylonians did it better 3,700 years ago – by counting in base 60!

Tablet beat Pythagoras by a millennium, may explain how the ancients built pyramids

VMware has cracking Q2, explains how it will beat Azure Stack

vSphere sales forecast changed from long-term-decline to long-term-flat wants quick Brexit deal with EU over private data protections

Info exchange plan continues Tories' 'we'll have our cake and eat it too' theme

If you wagered Bet365 would buy up Basho's remains, you'd be a big winner right now

Riak devs giddy over gambling biz's vow to set code free

Bombastic boss gave insane instructions to sensible sysadmin, with client on speakerphone

On-CallWhen data disappeared, everyone knew exactly where to point the finger

PC sales to fall and fall and fall and fall and fall for the next five years

Surfaces, iPad Pro and their ilk will do okay, bad news for all other form factors

Gather round, kids, and let's try to understand the science of 3D NAND

BackgrounderPart 1: Start with the flat 2D planar stuff

GTFO of there! Security researchers turn against HTTP public key pinning

Sure, theoretically it offers a lot of protection, but get it wrong...

'Driverless' lorry platoons will soon be on a motorway near you pours £8.1m into fresh series of trials

Samsung heir does not pass Go, does not collect $200

Court sentences Lee Jae-yong to five years in prison for bribery

Pats on the back all round as Pure Storage announces new CEO and growing revenues

Scott Dietzen chairman now, Charles Giancarlo takes reins

Vodafone won't pay employee expenses for cups of coffee

Travelling far and wide in the UK? Feed yourself out of your own pocket, says telco

Oracle’s cloudy cash dash could fall flat, insiders warn

Staff say they’re in the (Big) Red after sales teams push customers into the fluffy stuff

San Franciscans unite to smite alt-right with minefield of doggy shite

'Free speech' demo faces faeces counter-protest

Nokia trademark filing reveals name of upcoming drone brand

Quiet Finnish firm starts rolling, like a pebble in the night

Hash of the Titan: How Google bakes security all the way into silicon

Locking down servers and cloud with this itty-bitty chip

Hitachi rack servers get VMware Cloud treatment

Plus Xeon SPification for their hyperconverged systems

Enterprises gooey for Windows 10 as OS helps Computacenter rake it in

Brit, German, French markets buoyed by upgrade demands

London Mayor hires former PR man as Chief Digi Officer

Theo Blackwell asked to make capital the 'smartest' city on the planet

Brazilians waxed: Uni's Tor relay node booted after harvesting .onions

Researchers kicked off network for slurping hidden services en masse

Judge orders handover of Trump protest website records – DreamHost claims victory

Court will oversee use of data as web biz plans appeal

A LANnister always pays his subnets: Cisco hires Game of Thrones' Tyrion

Peter Dinklage takes Switchzilla's coin

VW engineer sent to the clink for three years for emissions-busting code

James Liang gets 40 months on the cooler and $200,000 fine

Is it possible to control Amazon Alexa, Google Now using inaudible commands? Absolutely

Gizmo whisperers reveal their secrets

NSA ramps up PR campaign to keep its mass spying powers

Section 702 saves lives, claims spying agency, while continuing to dodge critical question

FTC told to cough up informants' memos in Qualcomm antitrust row

Court rules chip designer has right to view letters behind royalties abuse claim

US focuses eyes in the sky as Hurricane Harvey starts to slam into Texas

Residents flee as weather services upgrade storm to Category Three

Ad blocking basically doesn't exist on mobile

We have the technology, we just don't use it

Minnesota Senator calls out US watchdogs: Why so cozy with Amazon?

Klobuchar wants answers over the fast-tracked Whole Foods gobble

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