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23rd > August > 2017 Archive

Salesforce CEO: We're doing great because everyone else in CRM sucks

Loafing competitors are 'horrible,' says Benioff

Don't throw away those eclipse glasses! Send 'em to South America

Astronomers Without Borders asks you to think of the children

Microsoft, Apple cough up millioins after Australian tax audits

Google still enjoying its Irish sandwich

Microsoft spikes GigJam collaboration tool before it leaves Preview

Tool to 'spontaneously and ephemerally involve others in your work' hits existential crisis

Lottery-hacking sysadmin's unlucky number comes up: 25 years in the slammer

Rigged a random number generator and tried to cash in

VMware's desktop plan: On your command line, unleash hell!

Refreshed Workstation, Fusion, add network simulators, Win 10 fun, container-friendly APIs

D-Link in Pluribus-powered white box play to target enterprise sales

Netvisor gets a crack at the consumer and SME channel in new 54-port switch

Microsoft, Red Hat in cross-platform container and .Net cuddle

Redmond Hat will run each other's containers in each other's clouds

IBM likely to close Australian data centre

Clients being advised of migration plans from vintage Cumberland Forest bit barn

Adware API sends smartmobe data home to Chinese company

Google pulls 500 apps that used the Igexin SDK

CrashPlan crashes out of cloudy consumer backup caper

You've got until October 2018 to bail, or pay business rates

UK taxman forks out to parents after glitch smacks child benefits site

HMRC: But we got less than 1,500 complaints about the tech…

So you're planning on outsourcing some enterprise security

Should you keep your in-house crew? What's your plan...

Spotify cleared of exposing kids to self-love innuendo in TV spot

Ad regulator says kids unlikely to watch Britain's Got Talent

Pssst... wanna participate in a Google DeepMind AI pilot? Be careful

Lessons from the NHS's 1.6 million data-records shovel

Identity fraud in the UK at 'epidemic' levels as cases rise 5% – report

Crooks now operate 'almost exclusively' online

Toshiba, Western Digital talking again but they'd better agree lickety-split

Pair chase deal on flash stakes sale before month's out

Paris nightclub red-faced after booze-for-boobs offer exposed

Pervy 2-for-1 deal condemned by Wanderlust management

Bad data and new IT system bugs help knock 66% off Provident Financial share price

Sub-prime loan firm goes titsup, CEO resigns in disgrace

Western Digital hauls out weighty tome with 20TB external storage

Sluggish Red drives pumped with RAID to get speed up

Banking trojan-slingers slip past Google Play's malware defences

BankBot nestled within allegedly 'fun' mobile game

Did ROPEMAKER just unravel email security? Nah, it's likely a feature

Exploit that changes content of messages after delivery found

Calm down, internet. Elon's Musk-see SpaceX spacesuit is a bit generic

PicNot that the people wearing it will complain – as long as it keeps 'em alive, right?

US prosecutors drop demand for 1.3m IP addresses of folks who visited anti-Trump site

But DreamHost's fight is not over: information still demanded

VoIP bods Fuze defuse triple whammy of portal security vulnerabilities

Researchers using the service found a bunch of flaws

Hate it when your apartment block is locked to Comcast etc? Small ISPs fight back

FCC urged to end Big Cable's exclusive deals with flats

AccuWeather: Our app slurped your phone's location via Wi-Fi but we like totally didn't use it

Totally didn't use that info while totally rewriting its code

WikiLeaks a 'hostile intelligence service', SS7 spying, Russian money laundering – all now on US Congress todo list

Ron Wyden tacks measures onto snoop funding bill

Germans force Microsoft to scrap future pushy Windows 10 upgrades

Redmond's cramming of OS on machines provokes sour krauts

Headless body found near topless beach: Missing private sub journalist identified

Torso matches Kim Wall's DNA

Google's $8.5m class-action privacy payout goes to: Lawyers' alma maters, web giant's pals

Basically: Not you, just 'the usual suspects'

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