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22nd > August > 2017 Archive

Private sub captain changes story, now says reporter died, was 'buried at sea' – torso found

Crowdfunded submersible story somehow gets weirder

Phisherfolk dangle bait at dot-fish domain

Gill us now

Open AWS S3 bucket leaked hotel booking credit card authorizations

UPDATEGroupize denies report by researchers at Kromtech, but locks down repo anyway

Boffins blast beats to bury secret sonar in your 'smart' home

Your Amazon Echo could live a double life as an echo-location device

Microsoft rolls its own hyperconverged appliance program

'Windows Server Software-Defined' program signs HPE, Lenovo, Fujitsu and Supermicro

German court reveals reason for Europe-wide patent system freeze

Was it the EPO? Brexit? Insufficient support? Yes

Security outfit Root9B on the brink after default, may de-list

Listed company's creditors are circling so it's auctioning assets

Disbanding your security team may not be an entirely dumb idea

Plenty of other teams have some security responsibility, so why not end the overlap?

Samsung gains ground on smartphones

Emerging markets are where it's at

Want a medal? Microsoft 7.2% less bad at speech recognition than IBM

Clash of the machine-learning titans

Sofa-jockeys given crack at virtual Formula 1 world championship

This whole 'Esport' thing looks serious – for games developers looking to boost sales

Cognitive Services, Clippy? AI's silent infiltration of Microsoft's Office stack

Facial and voice recognition – just beware translations

Biz sends apps to public cloud, waves 'bye to on-premises server folk. NO! WAIT!

Cloud cost rises, growth pushes staff demand up again

Continuous integration platforms are broken – here's what needs fixing

New survey polls developers' 'unmet needs'

Virgin Media customers complain of outages across UK

UpdatedNot looking good for cheesed off customers

Fujitsu looking to flog its smartphones biz – report

How's that 'digital transformation' going?

Canadian outsourcer CGI to Nordic BI biz: Fancy €98m cold ones, eh?

Affecto's 1k staff to merge with CGI if all-cash deal goes through

If there's a hole in your S3 bucket, data thieves will be sprayed by Macie

AnalysisData loss prevention bot patrols Amazon's cloud storage solution

US Navy suffers third ship collision this year

Deaths of sailors prompt admirals to halt all warship ops

End-point backupper Druva stuffs sack with another $80m in VC cash

Funding round lifts startup's profile and firepower

German police seize 5,000 Donald Trump-shaped dance biscuits

Making raves great again, like, the best you've ever been to

DJI's Spark drones to be bricked by September 1 unless firmware updated

There is no 'my way or the highway', just my way

Micron's new storage division lead is third former SanDisk recruit

Anand Jayapalan replaces Darren Thomas

Can North Korean nukes hit US mainland? Maybe. But EMP blast threat is 'highly credible'

FeatureEl Reg talks to experts on Kim's capabilities

Apple iCloud Keychain easily slurped by cops, ElcomSoft claims

Credentials stored in the cloud succumb to forensic software

Verizon kicks out hot new Unlimited* plans

*By 'unlimited' they mean 'significantly limited'

Smart robots prove stupidly easy to hack for spying and murder

Your plastic pal who's psychotic

Sysadmins told to update their software or risk killing the internet

The DNS signing keys are changing for the first time

Google slaps a suit on beefed up Chrome OS, offers Enterprise version for business

Getting a bit crowded in here, isn't it, Microsoft?

Codename Brainwave: Microsoft reveals tricks and tips for whipping cloud FPGAs into shape

Hot ChipsPipelining, on-die memories exploited in Azure

Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms

Your data, or we cut you off

Oracle has to pay top sales rep stiffed out of $250,000, US court rules

Attempt to undo arbitration award gets nixed by judge

Australian telcos promise to be better NBN helpers

Just like they always promise to stop having rubbish customer service

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