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17th > August > 2017 Archive

Read IBM CEO Ginni Rometty's letter to staff: Why I walked from Trump's strategy forum

Translation: Please don't take away our govt contracts

Following flat financials, Telstra pins hopes on NBN renegotiation

Fat dividends that investors love to be diluted, fibre backbone upgrade imminent

Intel's 8th-gen CPUs are called Ice Lake. And so are the 9th-gen

Chipzilla in overlapping naming weirdness mess

New MH370 analysis again suggests plane came down outside search area

French satellite photos suggest something man-made floated beyond search zones

Space boffins competing for $20m Moon robot X-Prize are told: Be there by March 31 – or bust

Teams get extra wiggle room to hit final deadline

Rowhammer RAM attack adapted to hit flash storage

Project Zero's two-year-old dog learns a new trick

Bank IT fella accused of masterminding multimillion-dollar insider-trading scam

Consultant was all too app-y to break law, claim investigators

Cisco security sales disappoint, DRAM drought dents results

It's okay, though, we've got an iPhone app coming soon says CEO Chuck

UK govt steams ahead with £5m facial recog system amid furore over innocents' mugshots

Contract ignores lack of strategy, growing criticism

Smyte might brighten fraud plight: How machine-learning can be used to thwart crooks

AnalysisSecurity works better when you write your own rules

Scrutiny? We've heard of it. Dot-UK supremo Nominet goes dark

Even limited board reports now scrapped in favor of worthless 'updates'

Ten spacecraft – from Venus Express to Voyager 2 – all tracked same solar flare

We hardly noticed at first, but records revealed plenty about how star-stuff sails solar winds

Ads regulator raps PC repair biz for massaging malware infection rates

Stop running that or we'll say stop again, so help me god

What'll we do tonight, Kieran? Same thing we do every night, Tintri....

... try to take over your public cloudy worlds (one array at a time)

Defra recruiting 1,400 policy wonks to pick up the pieces after Brexit

ExclusivePrising IT systems from decades of EU lawmaking

NetApp, you went all-flash, never go all-fla... Hey, wait. It's working

Slight biz uptick, steady results should keep CEO smiling

Nine months and a lot more b*llocks to go before new EU data protection rules kick in

Info commish hits back at fake GDPR news

Singapore court awards $2.9m over bad job reference

Damages calculated on potential earnings

HPE sales chief Peter Ryan abandons ship amid downsizing ploy

CSO said to have quit to spend more time with family in UK

Celeb-backed music gambit rebrands as 'Roxi', prays for IPO

Electric Jukebox has a dildo and wants £100m

Apple bag-search class action sueball moves to Cali supreme court

Anti-shrinkage policy could add millions to firm's wage bill

London council 'failed to test' parking ticket app, exposed personal info

Authority fined £70k after missing URL manipulation

Making money is so DRAM easy for some memory-flingers

Another record revenue quarter ... even as drought eases

Russia's answer to Buckminster Fuller has a buttload of CGI and he's not afraid to use it

Gyroscopic trams, bunkerbeds! Enter the 'dope' world of Dahir Semenov

Virtual assistant backlash imminent so buy them anyway

Say what now, Gartner?

London cops urged to scrap use of 'biased' facial recognition at Notting Hill Carnival

Year-on-year deployment isn’t really a trial, say privacy groups

I say, BING DONG! Microsoft's search engine literally cocks up on front page for hours

SFWJohnson, get a load of this

Judge yanks plug out of AT&T's latest attack on Google Fiber

Judge throws out lawsuit seeking to prevent rollout of broadband cables

FYI: Web ad fraud looks really bad. Like, really, really bad. Bigly bad

Except at quality titles like El Reg, of course, cough

Don't panic, Chicago, but an AWS S3 config blunder exposed 1.8 million voter records

Personal info spills from another poorly secured Amazon service

Tomorrow, DreamHost will square up to US DoJ to avoid handing over 1.3m IP addresses of anti-Trump site visitors

Data demand 'breaks First and Fourth Amendments'

What code is running on Apple's Secure Enclave security chip? Now we have a decryption key...

Ladies and gentlemen, start your ARM disassemblers

US cops point at cell towers and say: Give us every phone number that's touched that mast

Verizon says basestation dumps increasingly popular

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