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15th > August > 2017 Archive

US military spies: We'll capture enemy malware, tweak it, lob it right back at our adversaries

Collateral damage in 3, 2, 1…

nbn™ cracks the $1bn revenue barrier, cracks whip on tardy retailers

Customer service problems are everyone's problem, by design, says CEO Bill Morrow

Photon scattering puts a shine on CERN ATLAS boffins' day

A heavy metal performance proves an old theory

Google bins white supremacist site after it tries to host-hop away from GoDaddy

Ad giant has legal fig leaf to justify ban

Intel CEO Krzanich quits Trump's Manufacturing Council over response to Charlottesville rallies

CEOs of Merck and Under Armour also dump, and dump on, Tweeter-in-chief

Waymo fleshes out self-driving car tech with hardware that goes soft at first sign of trouble

Shriveling vehicle patented

VMware in premature release of joyful liquidity

Announces preliminary results for Q2 and warns it'll blow its year, in a good way

Oh, boy! Uber investors behind CEO sueball say Travis Kalanick won't let the company grow up

Benchmark's letter to employees details delaying action, trash-fire culture

Nice guy NetApp's adopting 'disruptive' tech non-disruptively

AnalysisGently easing us into the NVMe-over-Fabrics and storage-class memory future

Police camera inaction? Civil liberties group questions forces' £23m body-cam spend

Report says UK cops need to prove tech benefits policing

Are Asimov's laws enough to stop AI stomping humanity?

Data, and who has it, is the real concern

Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad

No, non, nein says Brit telco's marketing bods, 'we don't throttle'

HP Inc vows: We're not walking away from Continuum

AnalysisAnd no, neither is Microsoft, thanks very much

Commentard Quizwall experiment ends with more quizzing than commenting

Is that one-liner worth it?

Heavy sleeper? Put your god-given talent to work and raise some cash

El Reg and Action for Children want to put our readers onto the streets

Drone-maker DJI's Go app contains naughty Javascript hot-patching framework

UpdatedApple has already smote JSPatch once this year

NASA delivers CREAM-y load to ISS to improve cosmic ray detection

Far away from where Earth's atmosphere can interfere

APT-style attack against over 4,000 infrastructure firms blamed on lone Nigerian 20-something

'Get rich or die trying' seems to be working out for this fellow

Big legacy tech companies in UK govt start to feel pinch – report

But Brexit, weakened GDS could stall 'disaggregation'

Google paying Apple BEEELLIONS to stay search top dog on iDevices, say analysts

But it could turn off taps at any moment

The cheek of it! Beach bar owner shoots nude bather in the booty

Gerroff moi land!

Atomic bonds: Gigabyte, Supermicro fire out boosted Atom CPU range

Denverton systems, servers and motherboards

Fresh Microsoft Office franken-exploit flops – and you should have patched by now anyway

UpdatedExploit combo fails to dodge Word warning prompts

RBS sharpens axe again: 900 IT jobs to go by 2020

Unite says Brit bank will soon be running a 'skeleton service'

Datrium claims its split-provisioning DVX array is 'tomorrow calling'

And it wants its super-scaling, newfangled tech back

Outage outed: Bing dinged, Microsoft portal mortal, DuckDuckGo becomes DuckDuckNo

UpdatedLike it or not, it's back to Google for now

Slurping people's info without a warrant? That's OUR JOB, Google, Facebook et al tell US Supreme Court

Tech giants lobby against warrantless phone spying

Uber to bend over, take privacy probe every two years for next 20 years

FTC forces taxi app upstart to let in auditors after complaints of data security cockups

Taken a while but finally here's the first proper smart-home gizmo

CommentAnd it's a light bulb from Ikea

Revealed: The secret CEO texts that tell the tale of Uber-Waymo's self-driving tech spat

AnalysisCourt docs give insight into execs' relationship

A glimpse of life under President Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO's boffins censor awkward Q&A

Human cell study AMA on Reddit all cleaned up

Swinburne Uni slings SGI, picks DellTel for new 4,140 core super

'OzSTAR' to speed search for gravitational waves using LIGO data

Intel's diversity numbers are out – and that 'push' has become more of a 'gentle nudge'

Plus: 10nm+ 9th-gen Core family codenamed Ice Lake

Creepy backdoor found in NetSarang server management software

Do you use this suite? If yes: A July 18 update screwed over your security

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