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8th > August > 2017 Archive

Big question of the day: Is it time to lock down .localhost?

IETF considering making a new .onion

US Homeland Security CIO hits ctrl-alt-delete after just three months

Staropoli lasts just under nine Mooches

Avaya re-structures its re-structuring plan, also re-structures CEO

COO Jim Chirico to take control with debt down by over $3bn, revenue flat, outlook mixed

Core-blimey! Intel's Core i9 18-core monster – the numbers

Core i7 users will tell you they're faster, but forget about the >$250 premium you'll pay

Google's macho memo man fired, say reports

CEO Sundar Pichai says screed crossed a line and violated company policy

Engineer gets 18 months in the clink for looting ex-bosses' FTP server

Chap admits he carried on accessing confidential email, schematics after qutting

China can't find anyone smart enough to run its whizzbang $180m 1,640ft radio telescope

'We need a superhero,' sighs prof – and anyone can apply

Tech giants warp eco standards to greenwash electronics, rake in cash

AnalysisHow IT titans hijack manufacturing standards to put sales before planet

Florida man is world's fastest flasher: Just 53 quintillionths of a sec


Cisco's server CTO says NVMe will shift from speed to capacity tier

InterviewRaghunath Nambiar says data centres will be asked to do more with more

Let the Optane SAN shine? NVMeF kid E8 whips out sharers' pack

Ups accessing server count, gives 'em shared, writeable, multi-appliance volumes

Foot-long £1 sausage roll arrives

You can keep your artichoke and pineapple artisan pork pastries

Mediocre Britain: UK broadband ranked 31st in world for speed

Behind Bulgaria and Romania. But spare a thought for Yemen

You had ONE job: Italian firefighters suspected of starting blazes for cash

That's just Sicily

Virgin Media only adds another 127,000 homes to Project Lightning

Lightning by name... not on track to hit 800k 2017 target

Britons ambivalent about driverless car tech, survey finds

But the one we do want is to summon them via an app

Can the last person watching desktop video please turn out the light?

OTT Boxes are killing the Video Star - and about time too

KCOM whacked with £900k Ofcom fine over 999 call handling

Flooded York exchange proved to be a major weak spot

NotBeingPetya: UK critical infrastructure firms face huge fines for lax security

Makes you WannaCr... we mean WannaPatch

Smart streetlight bods Telensa nearly double full-year revenues

Firm also moved production from Asia back to Wales

One drive to rule them all and in the data centre bind them

It's a fancy-pants ruler-shaped form factor among Intel gubbins

Building beyond capacity: How NAS drives go further

SponsoredDiving into the storage pool

US military gets authority to shoot down citizens' small drones

Meanwhile, DJI says it had no idea army was using its kit

Assange offers job to sacked Google diversity manifestbro

Censorship is for losers!

Sweet Christmas: Micron more than triples SSD capacity with 9200

Ships data around faster too

Meet VRfox: Mozilla's latest attempt at regaining browser share

v55 first desktop browser to support WebVR standard

Toshiba fires off trifecta of SSDs with 30TB range-topping whopper

SAS, SATA and NVMe products using 64-layer 3D flash chips

Marcus Hutchins free for now as infosec world rallies around suspected banking malware dev

WannaCry ransomware killer due in court August 14

Seagate preps Nytro with layers of flash and boom...

SAS and NVMe SSDs use more and faster flash fuel

Watch this nanochip reprogram cells to fix damaged body tissue

VideoWe can't think of anything snarky to say about this cool biological repair kit

It's 2017 and Hyper-V can be pwned by a guest app, Windows by a search query, Office by...

Patch TuesdayUpdate IE, Edge, Windows, SQL Server, Office and – of course – Flash

US trade watchdog puts down the phone to Qualcomm, reaches for probe, sticks it in Apple

Investigation may lead to iPhone, iPad ban in US

For fork's sake! Bitcoin Core braces for another cryptocurrency split

BTC client software set to reject SegWit2x nodes

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