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4th > August > 2017 Archive

Automotive Grade Linux shops for hypervisor to accelerate smart cars

Plan is to put different functions into VMs to improve security, reduce bill of materials

Teen who texted boyfriend to kill himself gets 15 months jail

Michelle Carter banned from profiting from her story in any medium, ever

Space Duck 2.0 is New Horizons' next destination

Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 could be two rocks for the price of one

To truly stay anonymous online, make sure your writing is as dull as the dullest conference call you can imagine

Turn your bon mots to meh for the sake of privacy

Si vous comprenez ces mots, vous êtes français ou l'intelligence artificielle de Facebook

Finally, Zuck's lot get neural-network-powered translation

Four techies flummoxed for hours by flickering 'E' on monitor

On-CallReplaced everything to no avail, before small talk about the view sorted things out

CMD.EXE gets first makeover in 20 years in new Windows 10 build

New features? Sorry. Just new colours, because modern monitors give CLIs the blues

Small biz breaks out pen, paper after Brit tax collectors' Digital Form Service goes down

Soz, SMEs, you can't submit your monthly returns online

It's a small VMworld after all – life in the shadow of re:Invent

VMware's event has become the conference of today's refresh cycle, not tomorrow's

Got that syncing feeling? Cloud's client-side email problem

Come, swim with the sharks

UK IBMers lose crucial battle in pension row

Win for Big Blue in court showdown over final salaries

Google drops poker face, allows gambling apps on Play Store

Ban lifted in UK, France and Ireland as an 'experiment'

Particle boffins show off 'cheap', cute little CosI, world's smallest neutrino detector

It actually works – and could foster faster, cheaper science

Brit uni builds its own supercomputer from secondhand parts

She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid

DJI drones: 'Cyber vulnerabilities' prompt blanket US Army ban

Thou shalt not use Chinese flying machines, orders general

Snopes lawsuit latest: Judge orders disputed cash can flow to fact-checking site

Founders and admen continue their legal fight

UK taxmen slammed for tech glitches rampant on child benefits website

Putting the fault in digital by default

Hortonworks still burning cash, still aiming to become billion-dollar biz

Which is it then? Revenues up but operating losses hit $56m

It's once again time for your enterprise storage salmagundi of the week

Bits and bytes from across the industry rounded up in one handy spot

Forget sexy zero-days. Siemens medical scanners can be pwned by two-year-old-days

Take 'em off the network, docs told, until 2015 patches arrive

Apple signals it's willing to let next-gen web apps compete with iOS apps

AnalysisService Workers land in WebKit, clearing way for better in-browser applications

Mid-flight jumbo font smartphone text shock sparks kid abuse arrests

Quick-thinking preschool teacher clocks, reports fellow passenger's 'vile' messages

Apple pulls massive HomeKit chip U-turn to keep up with Amazon Echo and Google Home

AnalysisBlink and you'd have missed surprise news

WannaCry-killer Marcus Hutchins denies Feds' malware claims

He admitted writing software nasty code, FBI allege. Brit's lawyers say he's innocent

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