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1st > August > 2017 Archive

Zuck sucks up upstart Ozlo so it can stop sucking at chatbots

Facebook hits the acqui-hire button to boost its instant-messaging assistant

McAfee online scan used plain old HTTP to fetch screen elements

38 lines of code later, you're owned. Good thing the fix is in, eh?

Arcade Fire releases album on USB fidget spinner for £79/$105

Prank prompts 'vinyl sounds so much better than toys' debate

'App DDoS bombs' that slam into expensive APIs worry Netflix

Attackers can look legit while hitting APIs that make the most work for an app

Dirty carbon nanotubes offer telcos chance at secure quantum comms

Room-temperature single-photon-emitter boosts conventional networks

Red Hat acquires Permabit to put the squeeze on RHEL

Stallman says ZFS-on-Linux is impossible ... now Red Hat has dedupe without GNU legals

It’s 2017 and Hayes AT modem commands can hack luxury cars

UpdatedTelematics torched in BMWs, Infinitis, Nissan Leaf and some Fords

HP Inc reveals dockable, wearable VR workstation for the office

Backpack PC aimed at designers who move between metaphorical mice and VR

Skype for Business is not Skype – realising that is half the battle

Wait, come back. There are some... good bits, promise

DDN offers help to 'stranded' Seagate ClusterStor customers

Heard about this, Cray?

Microsoft Surface laptop: Is this your MacBook Air replacement?

ReviewJailbreak it the official way, kids... to trial vouchers for 'gigabit-capable' connectivity with SMEs

Wants to hand out £40m from £200m full-fibre investment pot

Don't mind if I do, says Nokia, taking a €1.7bn chomp out of Apple

'Substantial upfront cash payment' from licensing spat

Ofcom lifts sword, eyes up BT's duct and pole rental costs

With a knick knack, piggyback, throw broadband folks a bone

UAV maker swipes at sponsor of opaque Qinetiq drone study

Don't take our name in vain, DJI veep tells trade union

NEWSFLASH Now even science* says moneybags footballers are overpaid

Bewilderingly, algo-crafting boffins fail to reference Reg standards

Maintel snaps up Intrinsic for £5m

Networking biz forks out for loss-making outfit

Welcome to the Rise of the Machine-to-Machine. Isn't it time to 'block off' some data ducts?

Sysadmin blogIsolation-based security is getting important

How can you kill that which will not die? Windows XP is back (sorta... OK, not really)

Usage up 0.08% while Windows 10 continues to win converts

Databarracks turns to business continuity as a service. Why? BCaaS

Firm now tackles smaller crises alongside disaster recovery

WANdisco sticks Fusion into Amazon's Snowballs for mega-petabyte data pelt

Replication tech integrated with data truck - yes an actual truck...

This surf-and-turf robot swims using ribbon-like fins. And it's floated for US Navy approval

FeatureUndulating propulsion system makes waves, useful for amphibious missions

Cohesity adds archiving, analytics to Orion's belt

v5.0 combines end-to-end data protection and big data storage

Go fork yourself: Bitcoin has split in two – and yes, it's all forked up

Bitcoin Cash is the New Coke of cryptocurrency

Ohm-em-gee: US nuke plant project goes dark after money meltdown

Toshiba pulls plug on reactor construction, uranium becomes u-ran-out-of-cash

'Real' people want govts to spy on them, argues UK Home Secretary

AnalysisMagical thinking meets willful ignorance at closed meeting

Charter sprints from rinky-dink Sprint hints

US comms giant denies buyout rumors, says it prefers Verizon for the time being

Fox News fabricated faux news with Donald Trump, lawsuit claims

Fake quotes linked DNC staffer to Wikileaks to divert attention from Russia, it is claimed

Facebook pulls plug on language-inventing chatbots? THE TRUTH

Far be it from us to lecture journos on overreacting but cripes – calm down

One.Tel to finally die in November, 16 years after collapse

Final liquidators' meeting to wrap up billionaire boys fun phone adventure

No vulns. No hardwired passwords. Patchable. Congress dreams of IoT: Impossible Online Tech

We all want totally secure gear. And flying cars. And $1m. And...

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