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31st > July > 2017 Archive

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: Crypto ban won't help trap terrorists

Tells Desert Island Discs that Indie apps don't hand over metadata

Linus Torvalds pens vintage 'f*cking' rant at kernel dev's 'utter BS'

Dev bounces back with 'fair enough' as rc3 for 4.13 lands

Boffins grudgingly admit they may have found an exomoon

Social media speculation forced their hand, hence the pre-press paper explaining their interest

Petition calls for Adobe Flash to survive as open source zombie

Dev thinks we need to keep notable .SWFs readable for the sake of posterity

Scary news: Asteroid may pass Earth by just 6,880km in October

Good news: Chelyabinsk-sized rattler won't wipe us out, will let us test asteroid defences

Apple removes VPN apps in China as Russia's Putin puts in the boot with VPN banlaw

Banned and yanked from Apple's App Store

Windows Subsystem for Linux to debut in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Out of beta, still won't let you read Linux files from Windows

AI quickly cooks malware that AV software can't spot

DEF CONExperiment used Elon Musk's OpenAI framework - no wonder he's so down on AI

nbn™ blames cheap-ass telcos for grumpy users, absolves CVC pricing

All this will pass says CEO Morrow, once ISPs consolidate and stop discounting

White collar crime prosecutions fall as offences rise

Actual reports of transgressions are up, though

Brace yourselves, Virgin Media prices are going up AGAIN, people

Even students set to feel the wallet burn from August

Autonomous driving in a city? We're '95% of the way there'

Goal is 'Level 5', where vehicle reacts like human-driven one

Revised 'Broadband 2.0' report: 6.7m Brits suffer 'sub-10Mbps' speeds

But industry folk unconvinced by methodology

Toshiba agrees to give WD 2-week heads-up about flash memory biz flog-off

Court orders, stipulations and legal wrangling continues

End of the road for Basho: Court puts biz into receivership

Troubled NoSQL database-flinger was in ‘financial freefall’, court docs show

Universal Service Oh... forget the Obligation. BT offers to stump up £600m for 10Mbps

No need for regulation, right guys?

Destination PWND: Safes, ATMs, phones all fall to Vegas hax0rs

AnalysisThe best of the rest from Black Hat and DEF CON

PasteBin data dump: Hackers claim files are from Mandiant FireEye 'breach'

Security analysts: None of our systems were pwned

NAND that's that... Flash chip industry worth twice disk drive biz

AnalysisCan Seagate escape coming HDD crash?

GPS III satellites and ground station projects get even later as costs gently spiral

What's a few more billion between friends, eh?

KA-SHING! Three's daddy Hutchison flogs telecom unit for £1.4bn

Hong Kong’s richest man just got a bit richer

Creditors urge Toshiba to consider bankruptcy – reports

A viable option with a slew of new difficulties

Steve Bannon wants Facebook, Google 'regulated like utilities'

CommentHow would that work, exactly?

Amazon admits flouting sanctions by flogging consumer tat to Iran

'We do not plan to continue selling to these accounts'

Google tracks what you spend offline to prove its online ads work. And privacy folks are furious

Watchdog goes to court to open up black box system

Look out Silicon Valley, here comes Brit bruiser Amber Rudd to lay down the (cyber) law

Amber alert! The UK's Home Sec is heading this way

Sun of a b... Rising solar temp wrecks chances of finding ET in our system

Enceladus, Europa will not be habitable, scientists warn

New iPhone details leak: Yes, Apple is still chasing Samsung

Facial recognition? Amazing. Edge screen? How is that even possible?

Game of Pwns: Hackers invade HBO, 'leak Game of Thrones script'

Entertainment giant acknowledges attack, stays mum on details

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