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29th > July > 2017 Archive

Australia's .au internet registry chair quits amid no-confidence vote

AnalysisPeculiar goings-on at auDA – we look under the covers and follow the money

It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines

DEF CONWe've got three years to shore up election security

BBC’s Micro:bit turns out to be an excellent drone hijacking tool

DEF CONMuch love for tiny microcomputer

Dark web doesn't exist, says Tor's Dingledine. And folks use network for privacy, not crime

DEF CONCofounder brings us up to date on network status

Clear August 21 in your diary: It's a total solar eclipse for the smart

With apologies to Bonnie Tyler

So who exactly was to blame for Marketo losing its dotcom?

Company points finger at registrar; registrar points right back

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