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26th > July > 2017 Archive

Google goes home to Cali to overturn Canada's worldwide search result ban

Confused? We can explain

Qualcomm's neural network SDK made free for all comers

Facebook uses it for AR apparently. What? That's a positive? Our bad

The drinks are on Juniper: Revenue and profits up in Q2 2017

It woz the switches and the cloud wot done it – sales of both soared

IBM killing off its first go at cloud object storage for Spark – 30 months after launch

Move your data by August 24th or lose it, then ask if this would happen on-prem

iRobot just banked a fat profit. And it knows how to make more: Sharing maps of your homes

UpdatedRoomba biz hopes to ink deals with Amazon et al

Crap gift card security helps crims spend your birthday pressie cash

These blokes spent two years studying and warning retail giants of fraud danger

US spies hacked our phones over the air, claim pipeline protesters

Targeting oil demo may have been training exercise for snoops, it is feared

SK Telecom makes light of random numbers for IoT applications

Quantum random number generator in a 5 mm chip

Beijing police quench scum allegedly behind 'Fireball' fraudware

Eleven arrested over malicious browser plug-in that netted nearly US$12 million

An 'AI' that can diagnose schizophrenia from a brain scan – here's how it works (or doesn't)

AnalysisSimple model reaches 75% accuracy

O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers

'Temporary measure' to cope with demand, apparently

Got bot? How to put it to work with Microsoft's Cortana Skills

Hands onThis is not how Redmond got devs hooked on Windows

Got some pom-poms handy? seeks a geography cheerleader

Bid to raise discipline's profile after hitching it to big data hype

Currys PC World rapped after Knowhow Cloud ad ruled to be 'misleading'

Naughty text still online days after they were told to kill it

Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles

ExclusiveBeeb bigwig reckons £75m saved in IT could help pay parity. What?

Virgin Media's profanity warning triggered by chief exec's name

Cook, Pass, Mockridge

A vendor that doesn’t think AI and ML will fix security? We found one!

RSA reckons crooks know predictability equals death

Slapping crap bosses just got cheaper: Blighty's Supreme Court nixes tribunal fees

£1,200 upfront cost denied the public access to justice

Confessions of an ebook eater

StobIn which Chronicles of Delphi scribe Verity gives praise to post-book world

Time-rich netizens marshall ballot-stuffing bots against... Radio Times contest


No time for nap, update your QNAP: RAIDed NAS data corruption bug squashed

Not before a push from Oz small biz techie

Three: No fixed date yet for 4G services abroad

Customers whinge it's 'roaming at home like 2012'

HPE boss Whitman among candidates for Uber CEO job – report

Nope, says PR, Meg 'plans to stay ... until her work is done'

Lenovo sticks Toshiba NVMe SSDs in ThinkSystem server brainpan

Enterprise kit to enable hyperscale and HPC

Revealed: 779 cases of data misuse across 34 British police forces

Probe finds widespread abuse of cop IT systems by personnel

Cloud-stitching startup pitches NVMe FPGAs for SSDs

Uses FPGAs as drive controllers

Details of 400,000 loan applicants spilled in UniCredit bank breach

And it only took them 10 months to realise

Sensor-rich traffic info shows how far Silly Valley has to drive

You're not getting on this CAN bus

Wisconsin badgers Apple to cough up half a billion dollars for ripping off chip designs

AnalysisUni in line for a lot of cheddar from Cook and Co

Marketing giant Marketo forgets to renew domain name. Hilarity ensues

Red faces all round at dotcom after emails, tracking links go TITSUP

Tired: Java. Desired: Node.js. Retired: The suggestion a JavaScript runtime is bonkers

Node SummitEr, according to these JS framework fans

Reminder: Spies, cops don't need to crack WhatsApp. They'll just hack your smartphone

Need to snoop on chatter? Forget math, just exploit a bug

Meg Whitman OUT at HP ...Inc

Yes, she's giving up her board seat. What did you think we meant?

Valley VC sues blogger after sex pest claims, discovers writer is a male tech biz rival

'Whistleblower' IP address leads to dude a few miles away

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