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18th > July > 2017 Archive

US laptops-on-planes ban now applies to just one airport, ends soon

Meanwhile the TSA found 78 guns at US airports last week, 32 with a round chambered

FreeRADIUS fragged by fuzzer – by invitation – and fifteen fails found

Bug fixes shipped for all supported versions

The curious case of a Tesla smash, Autopilot blamed, and the driver's next-day U-turn

Meanwhile, Musk's comments crash carmaker's stock

Dell and Intel see off IBM and POWER to win new Australian super

114 servers, 3,192 Xeon cores and another million-plus from GPUs, for petaflop performance

Buzzword buzzkill: Cloud, AI, IoT and edge work in a real product

SAP teaches factory equipment to pre-analyse for costly faults, call cloud for help

Dow Jones index – of customers, not prices – leaks from AWS repo

S3 bucket was set to authenticate all AWS users, not just Dow Jones users

NASA whistles up electron noise from the Van Allen belt

Sure, Goddard boffins could just analyse the signals, but why not listen to them too?

John McAfee plans to destroy Google. Details? Ummm...

He's got a box called Sentinel to do the job, but in April he said it was 'vulnerable'

Security robot falls into pond after failing to spot stairs or water

Add 'rent-a-cop' to the 'jobs safe from AI' list … for now

Hot HoloLens models 'shafted by Microsoft'

Modeling biz owner alleges harassment, retaliation in tech's latest embarrassing lawsuit

Vendors rush to call everything AI even if it isn't, or doesn't help

So says Gartner, which reckons marketers have brainwashed themselves and us with AI hype

Openreach asks UK what it thinks about 10 million 'full fibre' connections

Friendly near-monopoly wants to work with industry, honest

Thanks for U-turning on biz-killing ban, Ofcom – now cough up, say GSM gateway bods

Brit regulator urged to fork out tens of millions in compo

Why the Kubernetes Kids can't hurt Bezos' Amazon beast

Good luck, Anyone-but-AWS club. You'll need it

Another Brexit cliff edge: warned over data flows to EU

'No prospect of a clean break' on data protection laws – but UK may lose its influence

5G is not just a radio: Welcome to the fibre-tastic new mobile world

AnalysisTo succeed, operators need fibre, NFV, legacy kit and radio

Android-ocalypse postponed: Jide withdraws Remix OS from consumer frontline

The All Grown-up Android gets sent back to school

Insurers claim cyber calamities could cost more than Hurricane Sandy

AnalysisBut then again they would say that, wouldn't they?

Gartner's Magic Quadrant flashes up pure flash array-pusher prize-plucker. It's Pure

Is that clear?

UK regulator set to ban ads depicting bumbling manchildren

Vows crackdown on sexist commercials next year

Global Switch suffers uptime blips at London Docklands DC

Are you affected? You know who to tell...

Hypervisor kid Scale Computing ups hyperconverged smarts

Duals CPUs, triples capacity

UK government's war on e-cigs is over

CommentVape at work? Hey, why not?

Air, sea drones put through their paces on Solent testing range

Roboat firms and pals pile in

Me-ow! Russian tech titan Yandex open-sources ML library CatBoost

Something to do with categories, not feline antidepressants

One-quarter of IT projects at high risk of failure

Digital borders, digital tax and raft of MoJ projects singled out

The Lord saw that man was wicked and sent a flood of storage news

He told El Reg to build an ark conveniently summing it all up

CoinDash crowdfunding hack further dents trust in crypto-trading world

$7m pilfered from investors, white hats on the trail

Don't let this snap-drag-on: Qualcomm waves white flag to Apple

CEO Mollenkopf opens door for settlement in licensing battle

China's censorship cyber-missiles shoot down pics flying through WhatsApp, chat apps

Death of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo reveals new powers

Now your boss can tear you a new Glasshole: Google's techno-specs reborn as biz gear

Those that can, do. Those that can't, return in enterprise form

It's A-OK for FBI agents to silence web giants, says appeals court

One step back – but several steps forward possible in battle against NSL gagging orders

Google G Suite spotted erecting stiff member vetting tool

App verification signage aims to give phishing the finger

Iranian duo charged with hacking US missile simulation software biz

Blokes allegedly lifted, cracked export-restricted rocketry design app to tout it in Iran

Guess who's here to tell us we're all totally wrong about net neutrality? Of course, it's Comcast

AnalysisCable giant shares its thoughts on costs, freedom

Foxtel choked on 65,000 new sign-ups to watch Game of Thrones

Authentication system
couldn't handle the load

Let's harden Internet crypto so quantum computers can't crack it

Draft blends asymmetric public/private key encryption and one-time pad analogs

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