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13th > July > 2017 Archive

ATO phone hacking 'tutorial' is tame unless you use a Nokia 1100

Supposed evidence of potent cracking powers actually reports well-known public documents

Broadcasters, advocacy groups and nonprofits weigh in on Microsoft's magical broadband

AnalysisThe good, the bad and the ugly parts of Redmond's white space internet

Juniper admins: Grab your bug-zappers and load 22 rounds

Patch flood includes fix for hard-coded creds and access-all-areas XSS firewall flaw

Flight Centre leaks fliers' passport details to 'potential suppliers'

Travel co. says human error to blame for Australian mess, won't reveal numbers

AGFEO smart home controllers need patching

Five months passed between notification and patch

IO, IO, it's off to we go: Let's take a look at a file system upstart

Holds up versus IBM, Oracle in benchmarks... whether it's worth the cost is another thing

If we could just get a word in Edgewise... New kid says it can do data center firewalls better

Upstart exits stealth this week with 'reinvented' protections

Meet Zenko: No, it's not a discount super hero. It's Scality's benevolent, celestial fox... er?

It's an open-source public cloud gateway in diguise

Juno beams back first closeups of Jupiter's unsightly red acne

Shrinking spot looks like the Eye of Sauron

YASA* looks at turning commercial buildings into Internet things

'Fairhair' is *Yet Another Standards Alliance, but at least it cares about security

Robo-surgeons, self-driving cars face similar legal, ethical headaches

Like transportation, medicine is becoming more automated, for better or worse

PC sales still slumping, but more slowly than feared

~650,000 machines still ship every day, but that's the lowest total since 2007

1Password won't axe private vaults. It'll choke 'em to death instead

Developer promises not to force peeps to the cloud – which it says is way, way better

€100 'typewriter' turns out to be €45,000 Enigma machine

1941 German army crypto machine found in Romanian flea market

NAO: Customs union IT system may not be ready before Brexit

System has capacity for 150 million declarations – just 105 million short...

'Many' ways to create artificial intelligence. Just ask the UK's AI businesses

What? We have them. There's life outside the hype bubble

Academics 'funded by Google' tend not to mention it in their work

Two-thirds of the time support is not disclosed, say campaigners

Wi-Fi firm Purple sneaks 'community service' clause into its T&Cs

Can't be GDP-arsed with this anymore

Will the last person at Basho please turn out the lights?

NoSQL database flinger fades as former engineers work to save Riak

Barracuda's so solid crew: We got three more quarters to go

Strong opening by backup and security shipper

Ofcom creates watchdog specifically to make sure Openreach is behaving

'We're watching you,' warns regulator

Dutch Senate votes to grant intel agencies new surveillance powers

Privacy groups concerned by data-slurping 'tapping' law

Sleuths unearth 'Panic Mode' in Android, set off by mashing back button

Great... if you could use it

What did OVH learn from 24-hour outage? Water and servers do not mix

Coolant leak crashed VNX array at web host's Paris data centre

Bupa: Rogue staffer stole health insurance holders' personal deets

Names, phone numbers, emails released into the wild

Electric driverless cars could make petrol and diesel motors 'socially unacceptable'

FISITA PlusPlus: Developers 'not part of your value chain'

Uber borgs with Yandex's ride-sharing biz in Russosphere

New company is called... NewCo!

Google serves up cloudy services from London

All to do with lowering latency, not Brexit. Got that?

U Vlad bro? Docker accidentally cuts off Ukraine

Did you know that US sanctions extend to the digital world too?

No big deal. You can defeat Kaspersky's ATM antivirus with a really fat executable

After you've gained arbitrary execution on the cash machine, natch

Cisco gobbles up security cloud upstart Observable Networks

Switchzilla needs its five startups a day

Set your alarms for 2.40am UTC – so you can watch Unix time hit 1,500,000,000

It's gonna be spectacular!

Amazon mumbles into its coffee when asked: Will you give app devs people's Alexa chats?

Cloud giant worryingly coy about its intentions

Dear racist Airbnb host, we've enrolled you in an Asian American studies course

Oh, and you owe us $5,000. Lots of love – California

Don't panic, but your Bitcoins may just vanish into the ether next month

Well, actually, do panic. A pending code change could bring a period of instability

Open-source world resurrects Oracle-free Solaris project OmniOS

People power!

Another day, another mass domain hijacking

Gandi admits logins stolen, 750 web addresses pointed to malware

All your bass are belong to us: Soundcloud fans raid site for music amid fears of total collapse

You have no chance to survive make your time

Kerberos bypass, login theft bug slain by Microsoft, Linux slingers

Only took two decades to spot dodgy authentication mechanisms

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