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27th > June > 2017 Archive

Researchers blind autonomous cars by tricking LIDAR

As I was on the motorway, I saw a man who wasn't there. Then things went pear-shaped

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube create anti-terror group

'Avengers' and 'Justice League' are taken. 'Suicide Squad' won't fly. So meet 'The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism'

Cisco and McAfee decide users just can't be trusted not to click on dodgy attachments

So they've welded Advanced Threat Defense to Email Security Appliances

US Copyright Office suggests 'right to repair' laws a good idea

The DMCA wasn't meant to stop you fixing your car

Encrypted chat app Telegram warned by Russian regulator: 'comply or goodbye'

Moscow says it's about regulatory rules; Telegram says it's about encryption

Idea to encrypt stuff on the web at rest hits the IETF's Standard Track

Mozilla engineer spots a gap in online security, reaches for the patch kit

No way to sugarcoat this: I'm afraid Uranus opens and closes to accept particle streams

It's official. Uranus clenches after taking in hot beams

India's Martian MOM clocks up 1,000 days circling the red planet

But she's down to just 13kg of fuel after seven-minute eclipse-avoidance burn

Skynet? More like Night-sky-net. AI hunts for Milky Way's turbo stars

Code churns through millions of heavenly objects spotted by Euro Gaia spacecraft

Concorde without the cacophony: NASA thinks it's cracked quiet supersonic flight

Sonic boom reduced to 'soft thump' by well-designed shockwaves

Watchdog slaps NHS for failure to tackle correspondence backlog

Finds 1,788 cases of potential harm

European Commission chucks cash at UR – the universal language of mind your own biz

Funding for French privacy browser – and why not

UK's Ministry of Fun considers what to tell social media firms about online bullying

Govt to consult on code of practice as bits of Digital Economy Act go live

Software glitch led to London Ambulance Service outage – report

Update 18 months earlier meant recycle bin drained system resources, leading to crash

Google hit with record antitrust fine of €2.4bn by Europe

Abused its market dominance as a search engine, says commission

Working in maintenance? Stop reading, we need you in the server room

You're undervalued, says survey. But you knew this...

Sony open-sources NNabla neural network learnings

En-NNabla-blement of answer to Google's TensorFlow?

What? What? Which? Former broadband minister Ed Vaizey dismisses report

Northern Ireland could 'lead the way in superfast broadband' after DUP deal

Make sure your Skype is up to date because FYI there's a nasty hole in it

Nothing to see here, says Microsoft, just more crappy code

Microsoft: We'll beef up security in Windows 10 Creators Edition Fall Update

EMETs? I've had a few

Wanna write a Cloudflare app? No? Would $100m change your mind?

Like Salesforce, but for sharing widgets

Former GDS head Mike Bracken quits Co-op

He'd only wanted to work 3 days a week, apparently

HMS Windows XP: Britain's newest warship running Swiss Cheese OS

UpdatedSpotted on carrier control room screens - reports

Oh my Tosh: WDC submits fresh bid for Toshiba memory biz

Is this the beginning of the endgame?

The 'DUP' joins El Reg’s illustrious online standards converter

Reg Standards BureauHow much can you find down the back of your sofa?

Huge ransomware outbreak spreads in Ukraine and beyond

UpdatedPetya or cattle?

50th anniversary of the ATM opens debate about mobile payments

AnalysisWhat's the future of cash?

Pwned UK SME fined £60K for leaving itself vulnerable to hack attack

Vid game biz failed to carry out pen-testing

Big Blue lures big biz object storage teams with VersaStack, COS

IBM and Cisco gear? So you're saying two wrongs can make a right?

Koh-no! Silicon Lucy blocks Qualcomm from wriggling out of FTC's chip monopoly trial

Tell it to the jury, judge rules

See you in 2023 – Bitcoin exchange bigwig gets 66 months in the slammer

Murgio gets off easy in money laundering case

Costly, under-featured MyGov is just fine, says Oz national auditor

Five year march to One Login To Rule Us All still not over

Blunder down under: self-driving Aussie cars still being thwarted by kangaroos

Hopping critters gave our sensors fits, says Volvo

Ever wondered why the universe only has black holes in S or XXXL? No? Boffins have an answer

Never a M or L when you want one, right?

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