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16th > June > 2017 Archive

Stop trying to make The Machine happen, HPE. It's not going to happen

CommentIT biz bags US govt cash to tinker with lab experiment

Windows Server to get twice-yearly updates, plus stable and fast-moving branches

PollNano Server to go containers-only, Server Core pushed for all other workloads

Yeah, if you could just stop writing those Y2K compliance reports, that would be great

Uncle Sam scraps rules 17 years on from when the world ended, oh wait...

Brit hacker admits he siphoned info from US military satellite network

Department of Defense claims intrusion cost $628,000... er?

Software dev bombshell: Programmers who use spaces earn MORE than those who use tabs

PollWell, of course – anyone using tabs should be paid zero

Just like knotted-up headphones: Entangled photons stay entwined over record distance

Literally spooky action at a distance

Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist

On-CallNew motherboards wouldn't fix it, but a magnetic personality can work wonders

Samsung releases 49-inch desktop monitor with 32:9 aspect ratio

Imagine the spreadsheet you could view on a four-foot-wide 3840 x 1080 beast

Facebook has a solution to all the toxic dross on its site – wait, it's not AI?

No, it's human janitors toiling away, cleaning up wads of hate and terror incitement

DDN burst buffer to bimble along more briskly after boost

SFAOS, Lustre distribution and WOS given a waxing as well

Component makers have their server chums by the short and curlies

And the squeeze ain't looking like it'll stop any time soon

Ofcom fines Three £1.9m over vulnerability in emergency call handling

999 requests funnelled through single data centre

Oh the irony: Government Digital Services can't pay staff because of tech problems

ExclusiveHelping to transform government to, to... er... There's a plan in place

Microsoft HoloLens apps to be piloted with 'Hogwarts for the MoD' chapesses, chaps

Augmented reality apps for future Army, RAF, RN kids

The cloud is great for HPC: Discuss

Sponsored articleScientists rejoice: It’s raining TeraFLOPS from the cloud

BOFH: Halon is not a rad new vape flavour

Episode 7Migrate data? If you're keen on seeing clouds...

ICO fines Morrisons for emailing customers who didn't want to be emailed

You’ve opted out of marketing emails. Can we just send you a marketing email to check?

EPYC leak! No, it's better than celeb noodz: AMD's forthcoming server CPU

Specs and performance deets in the wild

EU regulators gearing up to slap Google with €1bn fine – reports

First decision of three probes expected in coming weeks

Burying its head in the NAND: Samsung boosts 64-layer 3D flash chip production

Still lagging WDC and Toshiba chip capacity by half

You'll soon be buying bulgur wheat salad* from Amazon, after it swallowed Whole Foods

13.7 billion Bezos bucks buys luxury retailer

Brexploitation! PC price wars? Yep. Vendors see who can go higher

Tech disties paying up to 42% more for computers since vote

And now, in alphabetical order, all the storage news you may have missed

From Actian to WANdisco, we've got it all

Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter

Michelle Carter responsible for beau's sucide, decides court

What can you buy with 12 bucks? Avocado on toast? A slice of Tintri?

Storage upstart reveals IPO price range, hopes to raise $100m

As you head off to space with Li-ion batts, don't forget to inject that liquefied gas into them

What could go wrong?

Oops! Facebook outed its antiterror cops whilst they banned admins

C'mon, what were they expecting? Privacy? On Facebook?

Texas says 'howdy' to completely driverless robo-cars on its roads

King of the (autonomous) Hill

FOIA documents show the Kafkaesque state of US mass surveillance

♪ Tech biz fought the spying law and the spying law won

Google coughs up $5.5m to make recruiters 'screwed out of overtime pay' go away

There, some spare change under the couch will solve this

Worried about election hacking? There's a technology fix – Helios

End-to-end encrypted, verifiable voting already in action

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