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15th > June > 2017 Archive

Researcher says fixes to Windows Defender's engine incomplete

James Lee says Microsoft's A-V software still has remote code execution holes

It's 2017 and someone's probably still using WINS naming. If so, stop

Microsoft's NetBIOS naming is vulnerable: use DNS instead

You didn't miss World Cloud Backup Day. It just kinda happened

Box and Google co-incidentally reveal new low-download backup apps on the same day

Small carriers aren't showing up to IPv6 standards chats, consultant warns

And that means useful stuff could be left out of customer premises equipment

RSA SecurID admin console can issue emergency access to decent social engineers

Put the management interface behind the firewall, pronto

Facebook tried teaching bots art of negotiation – so the AI learned to lie

Given training data was real human chatter, this says more about us than anything else

FreeNAS releases version 11, so let us put the unpleasantness of failed V.10 behind us

Adds S3 compatibility but Docker drops out for now

Disney mulls Mickey Mouse magic material to thwart pirates' 3D scans

Patent bid for special sauce in kids' tat that blinds rip-off equipment

Europe-wide BitTorrent indexer blockade looms after Pirate Bay blow

AnalysisEuro Court of Justice decides infamous search engine does infringe copyright

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Microsoft's 'Ms Pac-Man beating AI' is more Automatic Idiot

AnalysisCode hardwired to reach perfect 999,990 score

Wi-Fi Dream Home Of The Future™ gets instructions for builders

Sensible stuff from Wi-Fi Alliance guides AP placement, channel usage and more

AR and VR in data visualisation – can it ever be useful to our puny human minds?

'The biggest challenge is to not misrepresent the data'

Operators and vendors agree that Europe is falling behind in 5G

CommentMobile natives are getting restless

Now you can 'roam like at home' within the EU, but what's the catch?

And what about Brexit, huh?

Hortonworks feathers nest with IBM deal

IBM BigInsights users migrating to Hadoop-flinger’s HDP

Don't all rush out at once, but there are a million devices ripe to be the next big botnet

As bad as Mirai was, it could have been much worse

BA passengers caught in crossfire of Heathrow baggage meltdown

Whatever the problem was, it’s fixed, says airport

Banking websites are 'littered with trackers' ogling your credit risk

Lenders already know whether to approve before you apply

Months late, unaudited: ZX Spectrum reboot firm files accounts

Which bit is the half-million pounds of other people's money?

WDC fires another shot at Toshiba in flash foundry spat, whispers: Pick me, Tosh!

AnalysisConfused? Let us explain the tale of love and hate

Japanese robo-tech firm plans Olympic driverless taxi rollout

600 Johnny Cabs in the Land of the Rising Sun

Amazon and others sniffing around Slack

Enjoying a free version of the biz collab software? Maybe not for much longer...

That minutes-long power glitch? It's going to cost British Airways £80m, IAG investors told

Resulting IT systems crash airline chaos lasted 3 days

Cloud bigger than ever, biz suddenly keen to fork out for security. Put 'em together...

Let's just say cloud security on the up - Gartner

Openreach to comms providers: Why can't we be friends?

Reformed monopoly wants to 'get much closer' to partners

Banks could be stung for €5bn under GDPR, screams latest report on industry readiness

Firm peddling security solutions says poor breach reporting will 'make you look like a fool'

Blade Runner time: Retail replicant buys into WANdisco’s Fusion product

Firm starting to win big orders to its replication to the cloud product

If you haven't already obliterated your Jaff-infected comp, there is an antidote available

Lovely chaps at Kaspersky have developed decryption tool

Uncle Sam bungs rich tech giants quarter of a billion bucks for exascale super R&D

Carrot dangled for 2021 mega-machines

Look who's joined the anti-encryption posse: Germany, come on down

Sie werden diese Nachrichten entschlüsseln!

Uber sued after digging up medical records of woman raped by driver

Toxic trash taxi biz accused of obtaining files to smear sex assault victim

Yahoo! cleanup! will! cost! Verizon! half! a! billion! bucks!

Ha! Ha! Another! chance! to! use! these! exclamations!

BAE accused of flogging mass-spying toolkits to assh*le autocrats

Arab Spring meant ka-ching for merchants of death

Oh, wow, Canada: No more carrier-locked phones for Canucks

And no fees for unshackling mobes, either – all from December this year

When we said don't link to the article, Google, we meant DON'T LINK TO THE ARTICLE!

One click, or two? How about no clicks, German court tells search company

WikiLeaks emits CIA's Wi-Fi pwnage tool docs

Spies do spying, part 78: Cherry Blossom malware gobbles up data flowing through routers

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