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VMware's third growth business sprouts in Q1, plus a spare month

End-user computing biz turns a corner but markets worry about billings

Toyota's entertaining the idea of Linux in cars

2018 Camry's infotainment system will run Automotive Grade Linux

Virtual reality headsets even less popular than wearable devices

The market's growing fast, but only the cheap stuff with no strings attached is selling

Curiosity rover's crater 'offered multiple microbe-friendly environments'

Chemical analysis of Gale Crater finds Martian lakes were a lot like ours

Tech industry thumps Trump's rump over decision to leave Paris climate agreement

Combined might of Microsoft, Musk and other tech titans couldn't persuade Prez to stay in climate pact

'My PC needs to lose weight' says user with FAT filesystem

ON-CALLThe NTFS diet sorted things out in more ways than one

Retirement age must move as life expectancy grows, says WEF

Four workers to each pensioner just doesn't add up

The nuclear launch button won't be pressed by a finger but by a bot

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Pay me $500 in Bitcoin or... oh look, everyone's dead

How do you do, fellow kids? Grandpa Puppet gets down with Docker

When you wanna be lit af, like manual scripting

Goodness gracious, great Chinese 'Fireball' malware infects 250m systems worldwide

Researchers finger digital marketing agency Rafotech

The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet

Remember to cut down on those travel expenses, folks...

Your emotionally absent pic-snapping partner's going to look you in the eye again

Just kidding, they'll have smart 'Snap' spectacles...

Google to give 6 months' warning for 2018 Chrome adblockalypse – report

We're talking 'bout blockage, blockage... Eyeo, Eyeo* away

Gay Dutch vultures become dads

Carrion parenting

Whoops! Microsoft accidentally lets out a mobile-'bricking' OS update

Do not install build 16212

BA IT systems failure: Uninterruptible Power Supply was interrupted

AnalysisPotentially by a panicking contractor, if reports are to be believed

HPE's cloud server wasting away on low calorie Microsoft sales

'Tier-one' customer cools off

Who's going to dig you out of a security hole when the time comes?

Finding a partner – what to check for

Sage flogs North American Payments biz for $260m

Apple and Google have eaten its lunch

Bixby bailout: Samsungers bailing on lame-duck assistant

Smartphone king already losing its only hope for a base

Boffins find evidence of strange uranium-producing bacteria lurking underground

It's easier to mine than uraninite ore, too

Utah fights man's attempt to marry laptop

Foe of same-sex unions seeks to wed machine

Pai guy not too privacy shy, says your caller ID can't block IP, so anons go bye

FCC boss ready to kill off protections for phone calls

ESA astronaut decelerates from 28,800kph to zero in first bumpy landing

ISS crew Thomas Pesquet and Oleg Novitski come home

Amazon granted patent to put parachutes inside shipping labels

There's no way this could go horribly, violently wrong... right?

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