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31st > May > 2017 Archive

Ad watchdog bites Plusnet over 'unintelligible' radio ads

ISP claims voiceover bloke read without being digitally sped up

NASA boffins find an explanation for Saturn's wonky moon

Enceladus might have been knocked over by an asteroid

MySQL devs take cache behind shed, shot heard

Scalability sucked when multi-core machines got busy, so DB's devs will find another way

Pentagon trumpets successful mock-ICBM interception test

If they know where it comes from and how fast it's going: America defends against itself

Intel gives the world a Core i9 desktop CPU to play with

Chipzilla's Compute Card also comes into focus in four models

German robo-pastor preaches the GNU Testament

Bless me father for I have SYNTAX ERROR

India sets June 5 as the day it will join the heavy-lift rocket club

GSLV Mk III to test itself on a 3,136kg sat, plans for 8,000kg payloads real soon now

Cisco cuts 250 jobs in San Jose, has 850 more pink slips to hand out

Empty cubicles galore to be had in Silicon Valley

WebAssembly fandom kills Google's Portable Native Client

Homegrown tech dumped for trendy native code scheme

Europe to splash €120m on free WiFi for ~8,000 villages and cities

Liberté, égalité, connectivité

Windows XP crashed too much to spread WannaCrypt

What a time to be alive: the BSOD has become a useful feature

Boffins spot 'faceless fish' in strange alien environment

Chinese and Australian crews peer into the abyss and find weird things looking back

Nest leaves competition in the dust with new smart camera

It's not cheap, but it is good

WannaCrypt: Pwnage is a fact of life but cleanup could and should be way easier

CommentShame on you for not going back in time

Fluster-cluster fracas in Frankfurt: HPC kids fight again

HPC BlogTeams unveiled for student cluster wettbewrb

Does Microsoft have what it takes to topple Google Docs?

The Office cloud deconstructed

Acronis adds automated ransomware protection to latest Backup version

Blockchain for data integrity and regulatory compliance

BT considers scrapping 'gold-plated' pensions in bid to plug £14bn deficit

Union says it will fight to keep scheme open for its members

UK surveillance law raises concerns security researchers could be 'deputised' by the state

Could govt press-gang you into 'helping'?

NHS U-turns on blanket IR35 tax crackdown

Anything to do with mass contractor walkouts?

At the feet of the Great Monad, or, How the functional programming craze plays out

StobDost thou know the Seven Immutable Laws of FP?

NASA Sun probe named for solar wind boffin Eugene Parker

Space weather announcement, forecast: SCORCHIO

Plastic surgery patients face extortion in wake of clinic data breach

Nip/tuck hack

UK council fined £150k for publishing traveller family's personal data

Medical details exposed in online planning application

Strong and stable? Theresa May's election poll lead succumbs to outlier syndrome

Contextualising Jeremy Corbyn's improving numbers

Sons of IoT: Bikers hack Jeeps in auto theft spree

Gang used lifted codes, stolen logins to bypass onboard security

Florida court's schizophrenic rulings throw mobe passcode privacy into doubt

Jail for one, pass for so-called celebs in sex tape case

German court says 'Nein' on Facebook profile access request

Berlin bench rules against parents' access to teen's account

CoreOS chief decries cloud lock-in

CoreOS FestAdds Kubernetes and etcd as services in Tectonic

Boffins play with the world's most powerful X‑ray gun to shoot molecules

It's all in the name of medicine, they say

Senators want FBI to vet FCC's 'cyberattack' claims

Dems want to get to the bottom of comment flood

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