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18th > May > 2017 Archive

You think your day was bad? OS X malware hackers just swiped a Mac dev's app source

Appropriately named Panic has its repository raided after founder gets infected

Payroll-for-contractors company named at centre of AU$165m tax scam scheme

Plutus Payroll's owners arrested, aircraft seized, tax office suspends senior staff … and tech contractors sweat

nbn™ needs copper to build FTTN: another 15,000 km of it

Some greenfields won't get fibre, company tells Senate

Australian privacy commissioner flags new data mining rules for government agencies

Centrelink's buggy “Robodebt” program to get another audit

Cisco to fire another 1,100 after sixth straight revenue fall

Trumpian chaos and router collapse clip Switchzilla's wings, again

HP Inc wireless mouse can be spoofed

By our reckoning this means a mouse could let a RAT into your computer

Chelsea Manning leaves prison, heads straight for booze and pizza

Julian Assange tweets his delight, but nothing on his promise to visit the USA

Azure users told they're not WannaCrypt-proof

Microsoft advises how to harden cloudy Windows, cos it runs a cloud not your OS

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords

First they came for the activists and I did nothing…

Nukes tests caused space weather, say NASA boffins

Artificial Van Allen belts, auroras, geomagnetic storms, just another day in the Cold War

Self-driving car devs face 6-month backlog on vital $85,000 LIDAR kit

AnalysisSo you wanna build a robo-ride? Start saving up, get a ticket, get in line

Hyperscale data centres win between their ears, not on the racks

Operating at scale is easy. Changing culture to accept and cope with failure is harder

Dell BIOS update borks PCs

Motherboard say what?

Great Ormond Street children's hospital still offline after WannaCrypt omnishambles

UpdatedPrecautionary disconnect – patients still being looked after

Sorry Google, it's boring old workloads that are pumping up AWS and Azure, not sexy AI

CommentSpend big or go home

EC fines Facebook €110m for 'misleading' data on WhatsApp deal

'Errors' in 2014 filings 'not intentional', apparently

No laptop ban on Euro flights to US... yet

Pilots: Um, you want all those lithium batteries in the hold? plans to overhaul £6bn in big IT deals 'watered down'

Brexit and loss of oversight casts doubt on reform agenda – sources

Cisco's servers are stuck in limbo, look likely to stay there

CommentSales suffering – should it quit the market?

ICO probes use of data analytics by politicos following Brexit vote

Parties warned to follow rules ahead of General Election

The real battle of Android's future – who controls the updates

AnalysisGoogle shows its hand

Banking association calls for end of 'screen-scraping'

Fintech firms not that thrilled about the idea

Guess who's getting fat off DRAM shortages? Yep, the DRAM makers

Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron burp as PC memory prices jump 30 per cent

UK Tory party pledges 'digital' charter, wants Verify to back online gov

We read the manifesto so you don’t have to…

ZX Spectrum reboot firm slapped with £52k court costs repayment order

'We had no option' claims former director

AI smut-finder is now an Android app

Melondream devs seek investors

Three home security systems found to be vulnerable – if hackers were hiding in bushes

Pointblank weaknesses have since been patched

Windows 10: Triumphs and tragedies from Microsoft Build

Redmond's OS needs to be cool for consumers, but its best chances are with business

We're heading back… to the future! Net neutrality rules on chopping block

FCC parties like it's 1996

40,000-plus AT&T staff threaten to strike Friday

CWA says members in 36 states prepping for stoppage

Proposed PATCH Act forces US snoops to quit hoarding code exploits

Bipartisan bill wants to stave off another WannaCry

Wonky whitelist update blamed for AT&T's nationwide 911 blackout

FCC report finds lessons, mentions no fines as yet

Let's sum up Google's VR strategy so far: Making life less crap for a lonely 20-something

Google I/OEyeball-chasing ad giant literally traps your eyeballs

Don't gripe if you hand your PC to Geek Squad and they rat you out to the Feds – judge

But FBI blunder may let alleged pedo walk free from court

Google offers devs fat bribes, hopes to lure them to its Home

Google I/ORace against Amazon demands rapid iteration, and cash

White House sicko sent down for 20 years after sexting underage girls

No, not who you're thinking of. Sad!

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