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17th > May > 2017 Archive

Cisco warns: Some products might have WannaCrypt vuln

To other vendors using embedded Windows: where are your warnings and patches?

Cray dips toe in supercomputing-as-a-service

Gene research a test market for cloudy graph engine

Chrome on Windows has credential theft bug

.SCF files present ID, password to fetch icons for attack file

Azure becomes double DaaS-aster zone as VMware loads up

Microsoft's weird DaaS licensing melts away when it has a sniff of Azure usage

IoT needs security, says Microsoft without even a small trace of irony

Sysadmins, don't hurt your necks shaking your heads

Clouds' crazy kinks can spin your wheels and lead you to mistakes

You're not helping by allowing server sprawl and ignoring backup, though

Train station's giant screens showed web smut at peak hour

The 17:21 to Happy Town is going in and out and is aaah-aah-bout to finish its journey

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA

Building a bot for the co-pilot's seat may be cheaper than adding automation software

SAP puts its heads in multiple clouds

Google, Azure and AWS all on board, the latter in a VMware-like managed service

Flying robots are great... until they meet flying humans, anyway

Drone traffic management, or 'how to regulate the skies'

Newbies Komprise hope to krush data sprawl

AnalysisBy reinventing ILM, HSM and file data management

Management's agile, digital (insert buzzword here) strategy ossifying? Blame the Red Queen

Young servers, old servers, no middle-aged servers

Travel IT biz reportedly testing 100TB SSDs

I need to take a cold shower

ICO fines telco £100k for 3.2m mobile phone text spamhammer

Over 1k complain about free tablets, smartwatches wheeze

Yo, patch that because scum still wanna exploit WannaCrypt-linked vuln

Significant number of devices continue to expose Windows SMB on port 445

Coming Xeon 'scalable' family will run SAP HANA '1.6 times faster'

Optane persistent memory support from Cascade Lake Xeon SPs in 2018

Britain shouldn't turn its back on EU drone regs, warns aerospace boffin

That is if you ever want to sell or use UK-certified kit abroad

Leeds cops issue appeal for man-sized todger

Pricking your memory, anyone?

Police anti-ransomware warning is hotlinked to 'ransomware.pdf'

This (probably) isn't a spear phishing attack but we were too afraid to verify

Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?

ReviewMr Slurpy lives next door

Made for each other! IBM awarded $700m outsourcing gig to cut costs at transport giant

If you want to slash overheads, you're learning from the best

Flash funds: Micron to rain cash on Excelero – sources

SolidScale software supplier gets closer relationship with up-the-stack moving MIcron

Ransomware fear-flinger Uiwix fails to light

Stand down, folks. Back to Defcon none

HGST paints go-faster stripes on Ultrastar flash drive range

The SS300 comes in 2bits/cell and 3bits/cell variants

Posting in an EPYC thread: AMD renames Xeon-bashing Naples

Data centre CPU boasts more cores, IO, memory bandwidth than Intel's

Taking a bite out of our profit, Apple? Let's get legal, says Qualcomm

Files complaint over claims contract makers withholding license payments

Why being late isn't fatal for Samsung Pay

It's all to play for

'The last thing I want is a software dev taking control of my craft'

Oi, Amazon. Still think you're going to do domestic drone deliveries?

US court decision will destroy the internet, roar Google, Facebook et al

Effort to redraw online copyright rules receives furious response

Backup crack-up: Fasthosts locks people out of data storage for days amid WCry panic

Windows Server 2k3 kit yanked, replacement slow to arrive

Like a celeb going bonkers with botox, Google injects 'AI' into anything it can

Google I/OAds giant flashes TPU 2 machine-learning ASIC

We're calling it now: FCC votes 2-1 to rip up net neutrality on Thurs

AnalysisBiggest issue may be Partisan Pai and his Trump-like behavior

Gotcha, Tatcha! Thieves hide in servers to hoover up victims' bank card numbers mid-order

Beauty website suffers ugly IT security breach

Sick of Java and C++? Google pours a cup o' Kotlin for Android devs

Compatible with 'droid libraries, statically typed language is leaner and safer

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