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16th > May > 2017 Archive

It's 2017 – and your Mac, iPad, iPhone can all be pwned by an e-book

Seven Apple updates, because it's not like you had anything else to patch today

Mimosa spiked! Wireless kit has multiple security holes

Clients, access points and backhaul all need firmware patch before attacks ferment

While Microsoft griped about NSA exploit stockpiles, it stockpiled patches: Friday's WinXP fix was built in February

ExclusiveAnd it took three months to release despite Eternalblue leak

Good news, OpenVPN fans: Your software's only a little bit buggy

Two code reviews give crypto client nearly clean bill of health

Romney tax return 'hacker' Dr Evil gets his sentence reviewed

Appeal offers a laugh-a-minute how-not-to guide for would-be criminal masterminds

DocuSign forged – crooks crack email system and send nasties

Company couldn't school all the phish in the sea

Australia considers joining laptops-on-planes ban

Security partners have chatted to PM Turnbull and the idea is under consideration

16 terabytes of RAM should be enough for anyone. Wait. What?

AWS is cooking virty servers with 16TB but thinks we'll also need clusters packing 34TB

Blighty bloke: PC World lost my Mac Mini – and trolled my blog!

Retailer accused of acting like a real bunch of Dixons

German court set to rule on legality of IP address harvesting

German government stores IP addresses of visitors, Pirate Party lawyer wants that to stop

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins

Quantum fluctuations may be key to explaining why we're all drifting apart

Google DeepMind's use of 1.6m Brits' medical records to test app was 'legally inappropriate'

UpdatedPrivacy watchdog scolds London hospital

Ireland to make revenge porn, cyberstalking criminal acts

Emerald Isle catches up with modern technology

IBM's pension fund sells most of its IBM shares

Also dumps Apple, Intel and Microsoft, plus plenty more. But it's not a good look

Facebook parlays bot bet into ParlAI dialog framework

With human trainers, bots may finally get smart enough to hold complex conversations

How to reward an IBM exec for lower sales and shrinking profits? Promotion

David must be stoked by his corporate elevation from UK boss seat to Europe

HTC's 2017 flagship U11 woos audiophiles and bundles Alexa

Hands OnBut is it enough?

Shadow Brokers resurface, offer to sell fresh 'wine of month' club exploits

Data dump on monthly subscription model

Why Microsoft's Windows game plan makes us WannaCry

AnalysisOh, 'collective responsibility' – that old chestnut

Toshiba draws back from fab foundry lock-out foolishness

+CommentJapan encouraging Tosh and WDC to come to agreement

MP3 'died' and nobody noticed: Key patents expire on golden oldie tech

And Fraunhofer won't renew 'em

Sencha packages web UI widgets for enterprise React devs

Forthcoming ExtReact promises support for a price

Vodafone loses €6bn mainly due to Indian biz writeoff

UK market remains particularly poor performer

HPE Labs manufactures monster memory Machine system

ARM-powered, 40-node prototype

Do we need Windows patch legislation?

PollShould vendors be obliged to maintain ageing, unsafe PCs?

Cryptocurrency miner found armed with same exploits as WannaCrypt

Adylkuzz predates ransomware by at least a week – and pays better too

Microsoft Azure almost doubles infrastructure cloud market presence

Familiarity – and dual-cloud strategies – breeds growth

WannaCrypt 'may be the work of North Korea' theory floated

Lazarus rising again... or not

Realm opens up to Windows apps

Better late than never

Traditional array all-flash retrofits knock XtremIO off top sales rung

CommentDell EMC has four AFAs now...

Security shield slingers are loving Prez Trump's cybersecurity order

Meanwhile, Fed heads have their work cut out for them

French fling fun-sized fine at Facebook for freakin' following folk

And it's going to get a whole lot worse for Zuckerberg and pals

ZeniMax: Thanks for the $500m, Oculus. How about you, Samsung?

Sueball-slinging biz kicks off new VR tech legal assault

What could go wrong? Delta to use facial recog to automate bag drop-off

Just make sure you still resemble your passport photo

Bell Canada hacked: 2m account details swiped by mystery miscreants

Don't worry, no bank card info taken, eh

Virtual reality upstart UploadVR allegedly had in-house 'kink room,' drugs, rampant sexism

UpdatedPost-Uber, more claims of tech bros gone wild

Pay attention. We're only going to show you this once: OpenAI coaches robots to copy humans

Droids given 'one shot' lessons to stack blocks

US judges say you can Google Google, but you can't google Google

The Chocolate Factory is spared the aspirin treatment by the 9th Circuit Court

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