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12th > May > 2017 Archive

Stumbling StorNext ruins Quantum's solace

Storage biz's seasonality dip exacerbated by sales fall

Oz MP flies crypto-kite, wants backdoors without backdoors

When do private companies dictate how we run national security?

Microsoft's Windows 10 ARM-twist comes closer with first demonstration

Brian, take a look at this ...

Strap yourself in, fasten your helmet, and try out FreeNAS 11.0-RC

Virtualisation for daredevils

Google's PHP API client has XSS vulnerability

Patch promised

Vanilla Forums has a plain-flavoured zero-day

UpdatedPHPMailer bug leads to remote code execution via HTTP

Someone is sending propaganda texts to Ukrainian soldiers

Hmm, who has a conflict and IMSI catchers, we wonder

Space upstart plans public cloud in low Earth orbit

Why design a bespoke satellite when you could run a workload on a virtual satellite?

PC repair chap lets tech support scammer log on to his PC. His Linux PC

On-CallFraudster: Is this Windows? And why is it looking up my IP address?

Beeb hands £560m IT deal to Atos. Again

Well it's sustainable ... it's a single source producer... Yep! Boutique massive outsourcing

TensorFlow: I want to like you, but you're tricksy

Hands-onWrestling with Google's machine learning framework

The world (of backup) is not enough for Barracuda

AnalysisCombining security and data protection

LastPass resolves UK connectivity blooper

Third-party provider blamed

Toshiba and WD execs sheathe blades, start talking over memory biz

It's make-up time but nobody's kissing yet

CyberArk splashes $42m on DevOps security whizz Conjur

Israeli firm prepares for DevOps deluge

All that free music on YouTube is good for you, Google tells music biz

Lucky duckies

O2 continues to splash out on 4G ahead of rumoured IPO

Also announces partnership with Cisco to throw £80m at London coverage

Head of's Common Technology Services Iain Patterson steps down

Body count of GDS folk grows bigger following arrival of Kevin Cunnington

Sweaty fitness bands fall behind as Apple Watch outpaces sales

Fashion! Turn to the left... Fashion! Fashion!

US Coast Guard: We're rather chuffed with our new Boeing spy drone

Meanwhile Britain is binning it. Well done, admirals

'Jaff' argh snakes: 5m emails/hour ransomware floods inboxes

Locky-style nasty will squeeze you for two whole bitcoins

Pleased HPE clutches two hot Java server cups – but oh dear MultiJVM

Fell at third x86 benchmark hurdle

UK hospital meltdown after ransomware worm uses NSA vuln to raid IT

Final updateDocs use pen and paper after computers scrambled amid global outbreak

So your client's under-spent on IT for decades and lives in fear of an audit

Oh-so-trendy infrastructure as code could save your bacon

Oracle crushed in defeat as Java world votes 'No' to modular overhaul

Dire warnings ignored, plea for unity heard

WannaCrypt ransomware snatches NSA exploit, fscks over Telefónica, other orgs in Spain

UpdatedEternalBlue now an eternal headache

'Judge Java' to sueball-slinging smut studio: Test your pirate-hunting tools or walk the plank

Alsup wants torrent-chasing biz to work that IP detector hard

Uber may face criminal charges over alleged stolen self-driving tech

Judge Alsup denies Waymo arbitration request, refers case to Uncle Sam's legal eagles

Facebook in the dock: Web giant faces trial for allegedly ripping off data center blueprints

Zuck's Open Compute Project stole our designs, claims Brit biz

Amazon's Alexa is worst receptionist ever: Crazy exes, stalkers' calls put through automatically

Ability to screen callers, block people Coming Soon™

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