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11th > May > 2017 Archive

Attention, Asus RT wireless router owners: Patch your gear now to squash web hijack bugs

Buggy admin interface – where have we heard that before?

Misery loves company so ServiceNow's built anonymous chat-rooms for the recently p0wned

'Jakarta' release also adds software asset management, multi-cloud wrangling and more

nbn™ delivers another financial yawn-fest

Solid Q3 with no surprises

Dude hit with $300K bill for faking his hours, hacking boss's website

When your fake invoice strategy is black numbers on a black background, you're gonna fail

VMware-Dell integration kicks off with on-prem VDI-and-PC-as-a-service

If it weren't for the pricing, this would be very dull stuff indeed

Mozilla wants EU to slow down its ePrivacy Directive process

'We love privacy, just not this much privacy, not this fast'

Taiwan government to block Google's public DNS in favor of HiNet's

Claims it's for cybersecurity – but whose security exactly?

Oh, great: There's a new Same Origin Policy exploit for Edge

Browser helps attackers by autocompleting passwords

Bot you see is what you get: The cold reality of Microsoft's chat 'AI'

BuildLook, it's a fancy user interface, not actual intelligence

Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over

Beleaguered email client team gets its 'Dear John' letter

BT to axe 4,000 jobs across the globe

Profit plunges 19 per cent on back of 'challenging' year

Just 99.5 million nuisance calls... and KeurBOOM! A £400K megafine

That'd be 0.4 pence a call – if anyone ever paid it

Phil Collins and supergroup exposed as cloud investors

There's something cloudy in the air tonight. Oh Lord

Drugs, vodka, Volvo: The Scandinavian answer to Britain's future new border

How Sweden and Norway turned to ANPR

Wedded bliss... ball and chain – how's that Dell EMC honeymoon going?

AnalysisWell, the divorce lawyers haven't been called yet

SpaceX settles $3.9m shift pattern class action lawsuit

Workers couldn't take their legally mandated breaks

LastPass connectivity snafu locks out Brits from password manager

Cause unclear, users told to go through 'offline mode'

Uber is a taxi company, not internet, European Court of Justice advised

Now regulate the ass off it

Huge flying arse makes successful test flight

Nine months after its buttocks ignominiously met terra firma

HPE bows to inevitable: Integrity servers get latest Itanium engine and container off-ramp

Will provide workload transition via Linux containers

Police watchdog investigates illegal outsourced Indian hackers scandal

Will the whistleblower please identify himself, asks IPCC

Openreach hints at fibre network strategy rethink

AnalysisChief exec says 'significant chunk' of job cuts to come from Global Services

Avast blocks the entire internet – again

UpdatedNow that's cast-iron antivirus

Microsoft backtracks: 'We are going to support .NET Framework with ASP.NET Core 2.0'

Build'You do not abandon your users' .NET Foundation chief tells El Reg

Cloudflare goes berserk on next-gen patent troll, vows to utterly destroy it using prior-art bounties

Web giant wants to invalidate Blackbird Tech's designs, get them thrown out of profession

10Mbps universal speeds? We'll give you 30Mbps, pleads Labour in leaked manifesto

Oh go on, we'll throw in a soft-boiled Brexit

Dyson celebrates 'shock' EU Court win over flawed energy tests

For you, Fritz, the testing is not over

Microsoft touts next Windows 10 Creators Update: It's set for a Fall

BuildCross-device clipboard, OneDrive placeholder files, mixed reality headsets...

Cisco gobbles AI biz MindMeld for $125m

Platforms, platforms, platforms, powering workplace of future, yada, yada

Google buys developers of VR goof-around Job Simulator

For when the robots have taken yours

IBM wheels out bleedin' big 15TB tape drive

Proprietary tape format bits shrink while capacity bulks up

Microsoft emits code for DIY Linux IoT hubs. Repeat, Linux IoT hubs (that talk to Azure, duh)

BuildOpen-source software to lure devs into Redmond's cloud

HP Inc ships laptops with sinister key-logger

UpdatedDodgy Conexant driver spaffs keystrokes into wide-open log

Try not to scream: Ads are coming to Amazon's Alexa – and VR goggles

Well, of course they are

US spymasters trash Kaspersky: AV tools can't be trusted, we've stuck a probe in them

Eugene shouts back: Gimme the mic and let me testify

Moneybags Verizon swoops in, swipes Straight Path from AT&T with a $3.1bn pot of gold

They won't love you like I love you, sniffs Ma Bell

A bleary-eyed Microsoft wakes up after its cloud, IoT party, clears throat: 'Oh yeah, so Windows...'

BuildA roundup of things you might actually use

Trump signs executive order on cybersecurity, White House now runs the show

Promises to hold agency heads responsible for slipups

Plutus Payroll pays people after Senator writes to Australian Taxation Office

But court date delayed again and superannuation payments are still in limbo

T-Mobile USA sued by parents after their baby dies amid 911 meltdown

'Ghost' calls overload lines, preventing babysitter from getting through for help – suit

Intel breathes $2bn sigh of relief over patent trial

Jury finds that chip giant did not infringe on AVM patent

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