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What's a 'good' quarter at AMD these days? Chucking $73m on a fire

Don't worry, baby, it'll be really great in the second quarter

Cisco slurps Viptela to bolster SD-WAN management

US$610 million shaves a third from last year's valuation

Jenkins admin? Get buzzy patching, says Cloudbees

DevOps types are going to have to prioritise Ops for a bit to quash Java, login vulns

Trump trumps US Digital Service with order to establish American Technology Council

'Americans must transform and modernize its information technology' but Silicon Valley hasn't been invited to help

Up Wolf Creek without a signal: outback cable cut disconnects top end TPG, Optus customers

Truck hauls up Nextgen fibre, the fix is in once repair crews can find the break

Pen-tester gets past Microsoft VB macro barriers

Outlook Forms aren't macros, after all - but is it a bug or a feature?

AWOL Payroll outfit Plutus says it's very solvent, but can't say when it will pay workers

Also won't say why <1,000 people didn't get paid

Eurocrats prep white-box crypto capture-the-flag

ECRYPT WhibOx Challenge opens May 15

Loadsamoney: UK mulls fining Facebook, Twitter, Google for not washing away filth, terror vids

UpdatedMPs suggest 'system' of punishments in web crackdown

Boffins gently wake the Large Hadron Collider from annual hibernation

Winter upgrade boosted 'inverse femtobarns' for more accurate stuff-spotting

Billion-dollar skincare biz scrubs IT makeover, spends days in a daze

Rodan + Fields discovers you can't put lipstick on this pig of a tech setup

SpaceX spin-out plans to put virtual machines in orbit

Software-defined satellites will run XenServer and let you upload new workloads

Gig economy tech giants are 'free riding' on the welfare state, say MPs

Calls for to close the loopholes allowing 'bogus' self-employment status

UK outsourcing market hits record levels

Total annual contract value highest ever recorded

Post Unity 8 Ubuntu shock? Relax, Linux has been here before

Shaping up for a Red Hat or SUSE future

UK patent troll protections tweaked – lawyers exempted

Relevant Bill section now five times longer

Sun sets on eight domain names managed by CentralNic

Customers warned sites such as will no longer be in use

LinkedIn chatbots to help with 'important conversations'

What could possibly go wrong?

Core blimey! 10,000 per rack in startup's cloud-in-a-box

+CommentScale-out servers packaged in ickle-wickle cases

Forgetful ZX Spectrum reboot firm loses control of its web domains

Security breach? Really?

Welsh Linux Mint terror nerd jailed for 8 years

How about that stripey suntan then, boyo?

Heroic stepmum takes one for team, sticks pot pipe up wazoo

Puff, puff... pass

Infinidat claims it can beat any all-flash array, uses innocent pooches to appear convincing

Mouthy vendor issues ten grand win-or-lose challenge

Microsoft sparks new war with Google with, er, $999+ lappies for kids

LiveblogWindows 10 S will try to oust Chromebooks

Male escort forgot pregnancy protection, scores data protection instead

You’re not taking das Michael, German judges tell gigolo’s impregnated client

3D printing and drones are the tech del día at Spanish startup fiesta

Startup Olé 2017Greetings from sunny Salamanca

Cybercrook spared jail after copping to FIFA video game mega-hack

23-year-old walks away with probation and $1.5m fine

Secret FabricXpress sauce gives X-IO the edge for the edge

Super-speedy Axellio servers take the fight to the old guard

Transatlantic link typo by Sweden's Telia broke Cloudflare in the US

Whose fault was it? We have a pretty good Ikea

As senior bosses eject and shares crash... is it time to pray for Nutanix?

AnalysisShine comes off hyper-converged boxes as meteoric growth plateaus

Republicans go all Braveheart again with anti-net neutrality bill

They may take our bytes, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!

Red Hat wraps AWS in OpenShift containers for easy consumption

Linux vendor insists on thinking inside the containerized box

It's Russian hackers, FBI and Wikileaks wot won it – Hillary Clinton on her devastating election loss

Oddly, fails to mention massive voter distrust, strategic failings

docker rm Ben Golub

docker run Steve Singh # Chairman takes over as CEO

Apple leaks new thinner, lighter iPad ... revenues

China, really bad. iPhones are over hyped. Still, $1bn is $1bn

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