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26th > April > 2017 Archive

Irish Stripe techie denied entry to US – for having wrong stamp in passport

Snub says more about misunderstanding rules than anti-immigrant trends, though

Samsung Smart TV pwnable over Wi-Fi Direct, pentester says

Sammy says trust-known-MACs code is a feature not a bug

Amazon may be using disk drives with hot-swappable components

Patent calls for drives in which mechanical bits and electronics aren't bound together

Interpol unplugs nearly 9,000 Asian command and control networks

WordPress plug-in bug exploited in eight countries

Juniper's first quarter: Revenue and losses up. Business as usual, then

CorrectionDRAM prices putting the squeeze on margins

Ewe, get a womb! Docs grow baby lambs in shrink-wrap plastic bags


Boffins supercharge the 'hosts' file to save users plagued by DNS outages

Chinese Academy of Sciences thinks it has a way to give DNS a backup

'Grueling' record-breaking VR movie marathon triggers hallucinations

Mitigating the side effects just requires removing the headset

Amazon: 'Alexa, how do you fix shoddy APIs that keep breaking apps? Asking, er, for a friend'

UpdatedDevs complain Skills Kit knackers their code

TVs are now tablet computers without a touchscreen

And that's good because apps can handle codecs that broadcasters abandon

Controlled remote access reviews of Optane SSD give qualified yes

AnalysisBut what about cost?

Victory! The smell of skunkworks in your office in the morning

Adios, the Canny Guru solving Sphinx-level COBOL riddles

Reg reader offered £999,998 train ticket from Cambridge to Horley

More like National Fail amirite?

Don't stop me! Why Microsoft's inevitable browser irrelevance isn't

Your best excuse for using Firefox or Chrome is just that

The more ya node: Asia cluster romp's a picture of supercomputer trends

HPC BlogSmall racks, large GPUs

UK drops in World Press Freedom Index following surveillance and anti-espionage threats

And Trump's 'fake news' bleating harms US tradition of defending free press

British government has bought a £200m 5G 'academic wet dream'

Build it and they will come. Maybe

For the won: Korean DRAMmer llamas SK Hynix earning buckets

Records highest quarterly operating profit in its history

Netgear says sorry four weeks after losing customer backups

Critical design bug caused havoc on 30 March

Drone maker DJI quietly made large chunks of Iraq, Syria no-fly zones

Supporting The War Against Terror, one update at a time throws hissy fit after Twitter chokes off snoop firm's access

You're helping terrorists, shrieks Amber 'Hashtags' Rudd

Oh dear, Prime Minister! Nearly 100 Beeb bosses make more than you

MPs find BBC job creation offsets redundo positions

Western Digital relocates HQ, sheds jobs

Orange County loses disk and flash fabber’s HQ as jobs go in transformation opportunity

Come celebrate World Hypocrisy Day

CommentSilicon Valley has a problem with IP. And it won't grow up

European Court of Justice lays down the law on Kodipocalypse

In short, stop flogging players with pirate add-ons

Yeah, keep buying those SSDs, grins Seagate: Your data will be on our disks eventually, muaha

Beating flash on $/TB in nearline drives a core strategy

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft

We'll give it to you when it's ready – and it is not

Try to sell stuff through Facebook Marketplace and get locked out for 72 hours – nice one, Zuck

Bug of the week, perhaps?

FCC's Pai: I am going to kill net neutrality in US

Watchdog boss opens can of worms, sticks partisan head in

Beware of geeks bearing gifts: Evil game guides infect 2 million Androids

Google Play scanners asleep at the switch while morons tap away their security

HPE kills off its entire OpenSDN line, pulls plug on customer demos

ExclusiveISPs told they'll have to find another vendor

Linux kernel security gurus Grsecurity oust freeloaders from castle

No more test patches without a subscription

Chipotle may have banished E coli, but now it has a new infection

Another reason to feel queasy when leaving – bank-card-stealing malware

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