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19th > April > 2017 Archive

IBM. Sigh. Revenues. Sigh. Down. Sigh. For the 20th quarter in a row


Oracle patches Solaris 10 hole exploited by NSA spyware tool – and 298 other security bugs

Mega load of updates lands for tons of Big Red gear

Australian Taxation Office successfully replaces SAN, web site then fails anyway

PwC report into what went wrong and why has been received. And hidden, for now

Can nothing stop the Veeam tank? We hate to save you a click but: No

Backup biz notches up another 4,000-new-customer quarter

Release the hounds! Xen 4.9's first RC is out and wants testing

Early June looks like being hypervisor happy time

Facebook brews Caffe2 AI toolkit so apps can give SnapChat a slap

F8 2017Need some code to alter pics and whack some stickers and be worth billions?

Google's cloudy image recognition is easily blinded, say boffins

Hooray for humans! We can pick out images too obscure for Google's AI

Revealed: Scammers plaster Google Maps with pins to lure punters from honest traders

Research shows how web mapping service can be abused

Fixing your oven can cook your computer

UpdatedAppliance vendor Hotpoint's UK service site is serving malware when you seek repairs

Silicon Valley tech CEO admits beating software engineer wife, offered just 13 days in the clink

Despite evidence and previous offense, Abhishek Gattani unlikely to face serious charges

Chap 'fixes' Microsoft's Windows 7 and 8 update block on new CPUs

Developer says he's found a way to stop Windows' new CPU check, which means updates flow again

How to breathe new life into your legacy kit now you've gone hybrid

Hold fire on the euthanasia

Will the MOAB (Mother Of all AdBlockers) finally kill advertising?

'Perceptual ad blocker' cannot be defeated, researchers claim

Why Firefox? Because not everybody is a web designer, silly

Open Source InsiderDo we really want Chrome hegemony?

Ex-West Ham winger charged twice over cybershenanigans

22-year-old to appear before magistrates at month's end

Toshiba spins out new NAS disk drive with its fastest transfer rate yet

Consumer workhorse has the speed and capacity to thrill ya

Data trashed? When RPO 0 isn't enough

Cast-iron storage policies

Game authors demand missing ZX Spectrum reboot royalties

No cash, slow answers, firm still blames man who quit a year ago survey shines light on cybersecurity threats to businesses

Phishing, ransomware remain most pressing concerns

IBM storage revenues grew? Hahaha, good one. Oh, you're serious

AnalysisReverses 22 quarters of hardware decline

30,000 London gun owners hit by Met Police 'data breach'

Who gave marketing agency access to super-sensitive address database?

Court favours Nexsan over EMC in Unity trademark squabble

A beautiful David-Goliath tale

Microsoft touts SQL Server 2017 as 'first RDBMS with built-in AI'

Python slithers in next to R

Sending data to the cloud is our business and business is GOOD

Nasuni, Panzura and Avere all set for accelerated growth

PACK YOUR BAGS! Boffins spot Earth-size planet most likeliest yet to harbor alien life

Water, check. Low radiation, check. Possible to get to... oh wait, darn

Please don't call them Facebook chatbots, says Facebook's bot boss

F8 2017That whole conversation-as-a-UI thing was just a big misunderstanding

So few use Windows Phone, Microsoft can't be bothered: Security app is iOS, Android only

Redmond-powered mobes don't deserve latest sign-in tool

If you've stayed at a Holiday Inn you may have lost more than a good night's sleep (like maybe your bank card)

Massive malware infection slurps customers' privates

We're spying on you for your own protection, says NSA, FBI

Except we're not, of course, because that would be illegal

nbn™ joins standards body CableLabs

Yet more evidence that nbn™ just won't change its mind and build fibre-to-the-premises

Google's healthcare cousin to stick 10,000 human guinea pigs under the microscope

Four-year study will bung patient records in the cloud

Qualcomm takes $1bn BlackBerry bite like a champ, struts away

Patent royalty check dings profits but nothing Snapdragon biz can't handle

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